Church Event Organization

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Organization is the key to the success of any event!

Well-thought out planning will make church event organization an easy task.

Getting Started: Church Event Organization

Church fund raising requires planning and organization in order for it to be most successful. No matter what event you have decided on, one thing will remain the same: church event organization. Being well-organized will not only make your event run effortlessly but will reduce stress in the planning stages as well.

When planning a church event, there are several important steps to take:

  • Discuss goals and objectives of the event - set realistic expectations
  • Find out what resources are available - utilize what the church already has available instead of spending money and time outsourcing for resources. If a member of the church can play piano or sing, use that as part of the event.
  • Create an event timeline and stick to it
  • Form a solid committee
  • Have frequent meetings so everyone stays on track

Since many churches have different groups that may require funding. Select an event to directly benefit that specific group. If the church youth group is planning a trip, do an event that will raise funds for the group's trip.

Church Event Committee

One of the most important aspects of any fund raising event is a solid committee. If one is not already formed, ask members of the church congregation if anyone is interested in being a volunteer and member of the committee. Once the committee is in place, the next step is assigning each person a specific task. Utilize the skills of each member. For example, if someone has a background in finance, assign them to handle the budget and making sure that the event sticks to it. Other areas that will need to be covered include:

  • Securing donations
  • Advertising and marketing the event
  • Event day duties

If each person has a certain responsibility, the event will be easier to keep organized. Each person will oversee their particular area and focus on what needs to be done. Keep track of what each person is responsible for so that you can make sure everyone is doing what they are assigned to do.

Church Event Ideas

There are endless possibilities for a church fund raiser. Some fund raising ideas include:

  • Bake sale
  • Spaghetti dinner
  • Pancake breakfast
  • Fish fry
  • Silent auction
  • Car wash
  • Picnic or festival
  • Benefit walk
  • Rummage sale

Staying Organized

Staying organized when planning and executing your special event is essential. It is also important to keep the church congregation informed of the event. Make an announcement after mass or put a notice in the church bulletin. By keeping others informed will also keep you organized. Be sure to keep detailed notes of any meetings held so you can review them as needed. Sometimes little details fall through the cracks but if you are well-organized that is unlikely to happen.Don't take on to much at a time. By having volunteers involved not only divides up the work load but also keeps you organized.

End Notes

Why not open your event to the whole community not just the church congregation? You will not only bring in more funds but will also introduce the community to your church and perhaps attract new members? The goal of any special event is not only to raise funds but also to raise awareness.

More Fundraising Ideas

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Church Event Organization