Dallas Center for Nonprofit Management

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Nonprofits have many resources available!
Nonprofits have many resources available!

The Dallas Center for Nonprofit Management is a great resource for local nonprofits.

About The Center for Nonprofit Management

The Center for Nonprofit Management supports nonprofit organizations that are looking for better management techniques. The Center operates independently and has locations around the US. The organization can help improve the functioning on nonprofit boards, their staff members, and volunteers. They offer a wide range of programs and services tailored to assisting the operations of nonprofit organizations.

Dallas Center for Nonprofit Management

Center for Nonprofit Management Dallas Texas is a great resource for nonprofits looking to enhance their management and efficiency. Their mission of building strong communities through increasing performance and impact continues to help nonprofits become more effective in their work.

The Center provides the following services to local nonprofit agencies:

  • Consulting: The Center is one of the leading consultants in Northern Texas. Their services and strategies assist nonprofits in taking their organizations to the next level of function and often result in great success. The Center has a variety of consultants to work with nonprofits in coming up with effective solutions. The consultants are professionals who work in both private and public sectors.
  • Loan Fund: Many nonprofits struggle financially and at times have trouble staying afloat during difficult times. The Center recognizes this and has created a Loan Fund. With the Loan Fund, nonprofit organizations are able to meet short term financial needs. The Fund provides loans and also can explore other options for those nonprofits in need of help.
  • Education: Continuing education programs are available at the Center for executives, board members and staff. Programs consist of seminars, certifications and customizable trainings. The Center offers a wide range of classes that address the needs of many organizations.
  • Opportunity 501: This unique method assists nonprofits in recruiting staff and also provides job assistance to those in Texas. Jobs are listed online and in the Center's printed publication as well.
  • Meeting Space: For those in Texas, the Center offers eight meeting rooms that accommodate up to 150 people. In addition, for those who are members of the Center, the rooms are free to use. Meeting space is available for board meetings, conferences and even luncheons.


The Center of Nonprofit Management has the option for agencies and individuals to become members of the Center.There are many benefits of being a member of the Dallas Center for Nonprofit Management. For example, members are offered the following perks:

  • Seminar discounts
  • Workshop discounts
  • Technology discounts
  • Consulting discounts
  • Becoming eligible for the $5,000 Awards of Excellence
  • Participation in networking sessions
  • Subscription to weekly e-mails containing the latest information on valuable topics related to the nonprofit sector

Fees for membership are $95 for individuals and for groups it is based on the agency's annual operating budget.

Other Center Locations

There are several independent centers in the United States. Check out other locations such as:

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Dallas Center for Nonprofit Management