Where to Donate Furniture in New Jersey

Find out how to donate furniture!
Find out how to donate furniture!

Whether you live in the city of Newark, the beach area of Cape May or the mountains of Montague, there are places throughout the state to donate furniture in New Jersey.

Newark Area

If you live in the area of Newark, New Jersey, there are many places to donate used furniture.

  • The Institute of Jewish Humanities provides pick up service of furniture and bric-a-brac throughout the New Jersey area.
  • Do 1 Thing is an organization that helps homeless youth in Newark, New Jersey. This organization is in need of all donations including furniture.

Southern New Jersey

The southern New Jersey area has pick up service for furniture donations provided by several charitable organizations.

  • The Salvation Army has drop off locations at their thrift stores in Atlantic City and Asbury Park. They also provide pick up service throughout most of the state. To arrange a pick up of furniture, clothing or household goods call 1-800-728-7825.
  • The Rescue Mission of Trenton provides homeless men and women with needed food, shelter and various services. Furniture donations are used in the rescue mission itself or sold in their thrift store to generate funds for the mission.

Northern New Jersey

  • The Vietnam Veterans of America provides pick up service for donated furniture, household goods and clothing in the northern New Jersey area. The items are sold to various thrift stores to raise money for veteran's services. The national telephone number to schedule a pick up is 1-800-775-8387.
  • The Salvation Army provides furniture pick up service in the northern New Jersey area.

Additional NJ Furniture Donation Locations

Additional places to donate furniture in NJ include:

Plenty of Furniture Donation Options

When you find yourself with unwanted furniture, call one of the many places to donate furniture in New Jersey instead of throwing it in the trash.

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Where to Donate Furniture in New Jersey