Furniture Donation Pick-Up

Carrying away donation

Furniture donation provides an ideal way to recycle gently used and unwanted household furniture. The donations can then be made available to families that need it. Any charities that accept furniture donations will also pick up the furniture from your home, saving you time and effort. Note that organizations will only pick up serviceable furniture. If you would throw it in the trash due to stains or damage, they probably would too.

Charities that Pick Up Furniture

Not all charities conduct furniture pickups due to lack of volunteers, lack of funding, or lack of available space. Oftentimes, you will have to acquire a truck and deliver it yourself. If that's not an option for you, try the charities listed below:

Purple Heart Foundation

The Purple Heart Foundation offers services to disabled veterans and their families, including providing them with free and low-cost furniture. Purple Heart accepts a wide variety of household goods, as long as they will fit in the truck. Note that the organization will not take baby furniture due to concerns about safety and product recalls. To schedule a pickup, fill out the online form. You'll get an email back with a date and time.

Habitat for Humanity

Many regional offices are happy to pick up donations of solid wood furniture to offer for sale in their ReStores. They do accept particle board or plastic furniture. Appliances and building materials are also accepted, if they are in good and clean condition. To see if your local office offers donation pickup, visit Habitat's ReStore website.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a large organization that offers rehabilitation services to adults, youth and families. It operates thrift stores throughout the U.S. and is happy to accept quality furniture donations. Simply call 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825) to find out if pick-up service is available in your area and to schedule a date and time, if possible. Most furniture types are accepted. Ask a representative if you are unsure about a specific item.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

St. Vincent de Paul provides disaster relief services and works for social justice. Like the Salvation Army, it has a network of thrift stores that sell furniture and other household goods. The organization will accept most furniture but particularly requests chairs, kitchen tables, entertainment centers and storage items. Call 1-800-675-2882 to schedule a pickup or fill out the online form.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Vietnam Veterans of America accepts a good number of furniture items, including desks, entertainment centers, beds, and baby furniture. Go to the site's "Items Needed" tab in the top menu to see what this organization is looking for. Once you've read the list, click on the link on the top right of the same page to schedule your pickup. Alternatively, you can call 1-888-518-VETS (8387).


Most Goodwill stores will come to your house to pick up large items and furniture. Call and ask your local Goodwill store to find out details.

Preparing Your Donation

Once you've found an organization that will pick up your furniture, try to make it easy for them. Leave your furniture in the driveway or on the curb and tape a sign to it that says "for (name of charity)". The charity representatives cannot enter your home due to liability issues. Place small furniture items in a box or bag for easy carrying. Always get confirmation from the organization before leaving your furniture outdoors, and be sure to cover it in inclement weather. Don't forget to request a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Furniture Donation Pick-Up