Grant Writing Examples

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Find out more about grant funding.

Reviewing grant writing examples can help you learn about the grant writing process. Planning a grant proposal takes a great deal of research and must include detailed information about your project goals. It pays to review grant writing samples to help plan your grant proposal.

About Grants

A grant is a sum of money awarded by a government agency or private organization for a specific purpose or project that does not need to be paid back. Federal government agencies and private organizations provide grants to organizations and individuals that meet their program criteria and goals.

There are a wide range of grants available through the federal government and private organizations in everything imaginable from medicine and education to community projects. The best way to find a grant is to research available grants and find out which ones you are eligible for.

Planning a Grant Proposal

Advanced planning is essential to grant writing success. When considering creating a grant proposal, an organization should do the following:

  • Determine the organization's needs and get a strong understanding of the goals of the project and how it fits into your company's overall future goals.
  • Research budget needs for the project and be realistic about budget goals.
  • Develop a clear understanding of your company's corporate identity and strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify potential grant funding sources before you begin writing. Target the ones whose goals are most closely aligned with yours.
  • Make the grant writing proposal into a detailed, comprehensive plan that shows you did your homework and demonstrates why you are an excellent candidate.

Where to Find Grant Writing Examples

The Internet has a large number of grant writing samples. Many of these samples are free and printable. Reviewing grant writing samples can help you craft an effective grant proposal. The following websites have grant writing examples:

  • NP Guides: The NP Guides site has helpful advice and samples geared toward nonprofit organizations.
  • Learner Associates: The Learner Associates site has a detailed description of the parts of a health-related grant proposal with samples of each section. The grant proposal sample can also be viewed in its entirety as well.
  • NIAID: The NIAID site has examples of a successful health grants.
  • Sinclair Community College: Sinclair provides sample education proposal grants.
  • UNC: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hills (UNC) has a detailed grant writing advice page with examples of various sections.
  • The Grant Doctor: The Grant Doctor blog has a sample successful grant and talks about why it succeeded.

Advice for Grant Writing

When you put together a grant proposal, make your plan as detailed as possible and demonstrate both your eligibility and compatibility with potential funders. Keep the following advice in mind when writing a grant:

  1. Identify potential funding sources before you begin writing the proposal. Tailor the proposal to each funder and how your company matches their goals.
  2. Consider local funders first because they may be more open to supporting a community business.
  3. Don't start too late. Plan ahead and request grant money before running out of funds for a project.
  4. Stick to the eight basic components of a grant proposal - Proposal summary, organization introduction, statement of the problem, project objectives, project methods, the budget, future funding options and the evaluation.

Studying examples of successful grants can help you better package your grant proposal. Explore the many ways to create an effective grant proposal with the many free online resources.

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Grant Writing Examples