Locations of Salvation Army Stores

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Shop at a Salvation Army store!
Shop at a Salvation Army store!

There are many locations of Salvation Army stores across the United States. Find out if there is a location in your town.

About Salvation Army Stores

When you shop at one of the Salvation Army family stores, you are helping others while being able to find great bargains for yourself. The Salvation Army stores have a wide variety of items from clothing to furniture and even electronics.

All proceeds from the stores go towards funding the Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Centers. These centers exist to help improve the lives of those lacking in vocational skills and often in self-esteem. There are people from the Rehabilitation Centers employed at the stores as part of their work therapy. This allows them to not only gain self-esteem but to learn valuable work skills as well. Why not consider shopping at one the stores the next time you are in need of an item? You will not only find a great deal but you will leave the stores knowing that you just made a difference in someone's life.

Finding Locations of Salvation Army Stores

To find a location of Salvation Army stores, simply enter your information in the search feature on the Salvation Army's website. You will be able to enter your city, state and zip code to find your closest location. In addition to finding locations of your nearest family store, you will be able to find Salvation Army drop-off locations, rehabilitation center locations and schedule donation pickups online.

After entering your information on the site, you will be able to see all the locations near your specific city or zip code. You will be able to see the store's address and be able to get driving directions to the store as well.

It is best to contact each store specifically about their store hours. Hours many vary depending on the store's location.

Salvation Army Thrift Store Locations

At the various Salvation Army thrift stores, you will be able to find a wide range of items from the following categories:

  • Appliances such as stoves, washing machines, dryers and even refrigerators
  • Electronics such as TVs, VCRS, DVD players, stereos and computer monitors
  • Household items such as coffee makers, blenders and even utensils
  • Clothing for children, men and women
  • Furniture such as beds, chairs, kitchen sets and cabinets

If there is not a Salvation Army store location in your town, there may be one in a neighboring city. Another thing to consider is shopping at several store locations. Every store will carry different items so make a day of it and hit up a couple local stores to find a variety of treasures. You never know what you may find.

Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Use the following tips to make the most out of your thrift store shopping:

  • Take your time looking through the racks
  • Be open-minded
  • Bring cash, not every store accepts credit cards or personal checks
  • Shop at a location outside of a big city for the best selection
  • Always test electronics before leaving the store
  • Shop with a group of friends to make the day a fun-filled experience

Final Thoughts

The Salvation Army has many family store locations across the United States. These stores are packed with hidden treasures. In addition to being able to get a great deal on many popular items, the money that the store makes goes towards funding the Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Centers. When you shop at one of the many store locations, you can feel good about your purchase since it helps make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. It is a win-win situation!

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Locations of Salvation Army Stores