Reed Diffusers Fundraisers

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Reed diffusers fundraisers are an original idea that stands apart from all of this year's bake sales and car washes. If you're looking for a truly unique fundraising idea for your organization, reed diffusers might be exactly what you need.

The Draw of Reed Diffusers Fundraisers

Selling reed diffusers may seem an odd choice when you consider the other popular fundraising options out there. However, the fact it isn't a mainstream idea is the very reason it tends to be successful with certain groups. Many families can attest to the yearly bombardment of Girl Scout cookies and magazine subscription pitches from relatives, friends and co-workers. The truth of the matter is, by the time your fundraiser is organized, the majority of people you know will either be burned out with subscriptions they don't use or frustrated with tempting treats that have begun to expand their waistlines. Selling reed diffusers is a relatively new idea, and your target purchasers will love the one-time, calorie free alternative.

Reed diffusers fundraisers are also popular because they bring a true touch of class to the group organizing the sale. Selling such a home product will give individuals the chance to support your cause while also purchasing something they actually want and can use. Reed diffusers are subtle and stylish, fitting the décor of literally any home. They also freshen the atmosphere, leaving an inviting scent that doesn't risk being strong and overbearing in the way a plug-in air freshener or candle system sometimes are.

Where To Get Your Diffusers

If you decide to sell reed diffusers for your fundraising, you'll first need to find a reputable company that sells the products. There are many available online, but it is smart to do your research and price comparison, as you'll want to have as little overhead as possible. Fundraisers are all about profit for your group, and you don't want to be trapped into spending more than you earn! Most reed diffusers start at around $25, with the most expensive going upwards of $100.

Crossroads Original Designs offers a fundraising program that allows you to earn up to 50 percent profit on each item sold. Their reed diffusers sell for $22 each, and you have the choice of selling diffusers and other scent product via the company's catalog or online.

Pier 1 Imports also offers reed diffusers perfect for fundraising. These come in more than a dozen scents and in a "mini" format. Each one runs $6 to $7, meaning you can purchase a lot at once and re-sell them for a larger profit while still being reasonably priced. This gets a bit trickier with the full-sized version, which may be expensive to purchase.

Making Your Own

If you're feeling particularly ambitious, or have a member of your group that is exceptionally crafty, you can also create your own reed diffusers for the fundraisers. You can purchase the reeds themselves at many craft stores, and then you can use any glass vase that has a narrow top and wide bottom. The trick is to get the reeds to completely fill the opening, so the oils will want to absorb through the reeds and out into the air. For the fragrance itself, you can mix baby oil with your favorite perfume, or use pre-sold scents to simplify the process. Members of your group can assemble the diffuser kits and personalize them with specific colors, vase embellishments or special labels/tags to make them a one of a kind item. As a bonus, you'll all learn a new craft that will come in handy for birthday gifts and other occasions long after the fundraiser has come and gone.

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Reed Diffusers Fundraisers