Salvation Army Representative Discusses Donations

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Salvation Army donations are a critical part of the organization's survival. They are used to fund various programs and remain an important aspect. Find out more about donations and the mission of the Salvation Army in this exclusive interview with Stacey Killingsworth, Director of Public Relations and Volunteer Services for the Mobile, AL Command of the Salvation Army.

Where do the Salvation Army donations go?

It varies depending on type of donation: Food donations go to our kitchen and food pantry to help provide meals to the homeless/transient population in our area as well as our in-house residents. In-house residents are individuals who are under-going substance abuse treatment in our facility. Donations made to our area thrift stores benefit our Corps Salvage Rehabilitation Center (CSRC), a 180-day work-therapy program for men recovering from drug or alcohol dependency.

Monetary donations made to The Salvation Army assist in funding our various programs. The programs and services offered locally to the Mobile and Baldwin County communities include:

  • Dauphin Way Lodge which is a treatment center for chemically dependent individuals.
  • Corps Salvage Rehabilitation Center is a 180-day work therapy program.
  • Project Able is a pre-employment training program designed to help homeless men rejoin the workforce as productive members of society.
  • The Haven: Women's and Children's Shelter is the Salvation Army's women and children's shelter. It provides emergency housing for women and children who are without a home.
  • Family and Emergency Services' goal is to provide as many resources as possible to the working poor and those below the poverty level. Rent assistance, travel assistance, medication assistance and utility assistance are among the many services that may alleviate an ongoing crisis and assist residents in moving on to transitional or permanent housing by providing them with the tools needed to maintain their lives.
  • Homeless/Transient Shelter assists transients and homeless men in the Mobile area who are seeking temporary residence are provided two meals a day, showers, clothing and lodging while they are at The Salvation Army.
  • Disaster Services: the Salvation Army has, by tradition, and by conviction, been involved in the immediate relief of human needs in the wake of disaster. The services are diversified, immediately available, and function with extreme mobility and adaptability.
  • Citadel Corps is one of two Salvation Army churches in Mobile County. It provides many programs to the community. GED and ESL (English as a second language) classes are taught here.
  • Northside Corps is another one of The Salvation Army churches

The Salvation Army also has several Christmas programs including:

  • Angel Tree: provides Christmas gifts for children within the community.
  • Red Kettles: annual Christmas fundraiser for The Salvation Army.
  • Neediest Families: an extended assistance program for families in crisis.
  • Spirit of Giving: holiday toy and food drive.
  • Holiday Meals: provides traditional restaurant-style Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for those in need.

Does The Salvation Army accept vehicle donations?

Yes, the Salvation Army does accept vehicle donations. It is best to contact your local chapter to find out their requirements.

What types of items are not accepted as donations?

Toys are generally not accepted at area thrift stores due to lead-based paint or pieces that can break off and lodge in children's throats.

Does The Salvation Army provide pick-up services for donated items?

Yes, The Salvation Army provides pick-up services for donated items

What types of payment are accepted from The Salvation Army when individuals want to make a monetary donation?

Cash, check, credit cards and automated drafts are forms of accepted payments. Donors can make donations online or by calling their local Salvation Army. Locally, donors may visit Salvation Army Mobile's website or call 251-438-1625. Memorials, tributes, trust funds, annuities and wills are also viable options for individuals wishing to donate to The Salvation Army

Is there a tax-credit given for donated items? And if so, how is it determined?

Donations to The Salvation Army are tax-deductible. If donating items such as clothing and food, the donor determines the value of the items.

What is the strangest item that you have seen donated to The Salvation Army?

Tracheotomy Kit - Not sure if it was donated by an individual or a doctor's office, but still a very strange item to try and sell at a Salvation Army thrift store!

Can you describe what makes your chapter unique?

The various programs and services offered to the Mobile and Baldwin County communities in Alabama make us unique. All Salvation Army locations are different depending on the need in their community.

How To Help

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How can someone find out how to make a donation to their local chapter?

By visiting or calling their local Salvation Army or thrift store, calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY or donating online.

What opportunities exist, other than making a Salvation Army donation, for people wanting to support The Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army truly relies on the support of donors to finance programs and services, but volunteers are vital as well. The Salvation Army offers a myriad of volunteer opportunities to those individuals wishing to volunteer their time and services.

LoveToKnow would like to thank Stacey Killingsworth for sharing information about the Salvation Army and wishes her and the Mobile Area Command continued success.

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Salvation Army Representative Discusses Donations