Sample School Fundraising Letters

Donation Letter Ideas
Donation Letter Ideas

Viewing sample school fundraising letters can help you optimize your financial earnings as you learn from good, effective examples of persuasive writing. There are several things that make a fundraising letter high quality. Check out samples of letters to get your letter writing started.

Make or Break Fundraising

Depending on where you live and the size of your educational institution, your fundraising letters will vary in importance. Larger schools in well-populated cities can pull off several fundraisers a year, while a small town school may be dependent upon the single one to gather all their funding for the year. However no matter what your rank on the educational food chain, you should always put forth the effort to present a well thought out, efficiently written letter whenever the occasion calls for it. There are two kinds of school fundraising letters - those that are geared toward earning money directly, and those designed to inform, motivate and inspire the families of your students in anticipation of an upcoming event. In either case, your letter can make or break your fundraising plans, so take advantage of the sample letters available to you, as well as consulting with those in your life who write exceptionally well.

Direct Funds Request

Letters that are designed to raise finances for your school can be tricky to write. Chances are, you'll be appealing to a wide demographic, hoping to speak in such a way that will compel everyone in your diverse reading pool to contribute funds to local education. If you choose to use sample school fundraising letters as a template for something so vital, look for the following aspects:

  • Is the letter applicable to your cause? For example, if you are a local elementary school, a sample letter from a major university is not going to be on the same wavelength. Look for something similar to what you are currently raising funds for.
  • Does it present both the need and solution? A quality fundraising letter will explain what the financial struggles of the group are. Perhaps it is dilapidated textbooks or science equipment, or maybe it is for a class field trip to a national park - whatever the funds are for, the lack should be explained. It should also state what the solution is - how much needs to be raised, other ways to contribute, etc.
  • Is it free of errors and discrepancies? Obviously, your letter should be typo and error free, so double check the work if you are cutting and pasting directly.

Inspiring Others

If your school fundraising letter is geared toward reaching members of your school community for an upcoming money-earning event, there is a different set of requirements to be found within any sample letter you choose.

  • Does it motivate and inspire? Students are rarely required to participate in a fundraiser; however most schools strongly encourage them. By profiling some great reasons to get involved, your participation level will be higher. You may want to mention how it will affect the reader personally, or how it will better a future local generation.
  • Does it show uniqueness? In this day and age, schools must go beyond bake sales and raffles to make ends meet. Pick a unique fundraising idea and then explain it in detail with a fun tone in your letter. Make new and exciting sound….new and exciting!

Where to Find Sample School Fundraising Letters

There are extensive resources available on the Internet. You can easily find sample school fundraising letters at sites such as They feature plenty of great ideas to help you with your planning, including quality letter templates. features sample letters geared toward sports and special interest teams. No matter what sample you use, be sure to take the time to personalize your written appeal - the more heart and dedication that can be read between the lines, the better response you will receive.

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Sample School Fundraising Letters