School Fundraising Companies

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Fun Ways to Raise Money
Fun Ways to Raise Money

There are many different school fundraising companies, each one providing different types of products and programs designed to help educational institutions raise money.

Selecting a Fundraising Partner

If you're in charge of selecting among the various school fundraising companies for your school's next fundraiser, there are several important factors that need to be considered. First, you'll need to look for a company that provides a way for your school to make money that will likely be successful in your community.

Decide What to Sell

Before you start looking at specific companies, spend some time thinking about whether you'll be better off selling products or discount cards, operating an online store, collecting items for recycling, or if another option might be best for your situation. Once you have some idea about what type of fundraiser you are interested in, you'll be able to start narrowing your search.

Investment and Profit Potential

When you identify potential fundraising partners, look closely about what each company you are interested in has to offer. For example, consider whether or not it is necessary to invest in products up front or if you are able to simply order items as you collect payments from your customers. It's also important to look at what profit margin you can expect to earn and what the minimum order requirements are. It's generally best to choose an option that does not require an initial out of pocket investment and that does not have large minimum purchase requirements.

Sales Support Materials

Additionally, many fundraising companies provide schools with training and merchandising materials that can be used to provide support to the students and family members who will be working hard to raise money. These items can be very useful in boosting your sales, so you may want to consider their availability when reviewing different companies. It's also a good idea to select a program with built-in incentives, to provide a way to reward those participants who produce the greatest fundraising results for the organization.

Popular School Fundraising Companies

  • Entertainment Book fundraisers offer a way that schools can raise money while providing supporters with an opportunity to save money throughout the year. Rather than selling products, participants will market coupon books that include discount offers for travel, dining, service, and entertainment options.
  • Front Runner Fundraising allows schools to take their efforts to raise money online. When you participate in this type of fundraiser, you'll be able to market a variety of brand name products to supporters via the Internet with your own online storefront. Many types of affordably priced items can be included, such as tools, home décor, DVDs, fragrances, and much more.
  • Funding Factory provides schools with a way to raise money without selling anything at all. Students, teachers, and parents will simply need to collect empty printer cartridges and used cell phones. When collected products are sent in, the school will receive money in exchange for the qualified items submitted.
  • MagFundraising provides schools with a way to raise money by selling magazine subscriptions and renewals online. Participants use email to spread the word about their efforts to raise money and earn a commission from all subscriptions sold.
  • Ready Fundraising has been partnering with schools and youth groups that need to raise money since 1909. The company's food fundraising programs include candy bars, lollipops, gourmet baking mixes, and cookie dough. Additional options include holiday gift selections, jewelry, and planning calendars.

Enjoy Fundraising Success

No matter what type of program you choose or what company you choose to work with, running a successful school fundraiser takes time, effort, and commitment from dedicated volunteers. Before launching your campaign, take the time to educate volunteers about the importance of your fundraising efforts to increase their commitment to the program's success. Provide them with training on the program itself as teaching them effective selling skills. By making sure that your volunteers are properly prepared to do a great job, you'll greatly increase the chances of reaching - or even exceeding - your fundraising goal!

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School Fundraising Companies