Waukesha Volunteer Opportunities

Stand out from the crowd with these volunteer ideas

Waukesha volunteer opportunities are the perfect way for a local resident to help out in their very own hometown. Read on to discover some great ways to make a difference in the lives of your neighbors.

Quality Town, Quality People

Waukesha, Wisconsin is home to approximately 65,000 individuals and has been rated as one of the "100 Best Places to Live" in the U.S. by Money Magazine. It has also been reported as being one of the best communities to raise a family and for young people to thrive. Located near both Madison and Milwaukee, this small city is full of middle class family values, so it's no wonder that there are plenty of volunteer opportunities designed to equip locals in lending a hand to those less fortunate.

Finding Waukesha Volunteer Opportunties

If you live in Waukesha and want to participate in some community service, your first stop will be the Volunteer Center of Waukesha County, which is a division of United Way. Here, volunteers are trained and recruited to help better the community and its surrounding areas. As of April 2009, the Volunteer Center had collaborations with over 90 registered nonprofits throughout the region. By visiting either their physical office or official website, you can find both one-time and continual volunteer options that are close to home.

Volunteer Match also lists some Waukesha volunteer opportunities. Everything from Web design to donation collection stations can be found through this website, with options available to those both young and old.

Finally, the Journal Sentinal, Waukesha's local newspaper, reserves a section of its website to post current volunteer needs.

Finding Your Passion

Perhaps you have a certain organization in mind, but you aren't quite sure how to get started. The best way to follow your passion while finding your niche in the volunteer world is to contact those organizations in your desired field directly. For example, if you love working with animals, you might consider contacting the Wisconsin Humane Society to see if they can help plug you in somewhere you'll love to help. If you are passionate about helping children, pay a visit to the Waukesha YMCA to see if they have any openings for new helpers.

Unique Programs

Outside of typical volunteer spots found in any suburban community, Waukesha is also home to a few very special programs. One of these is LifeStriders, which is a therapeutic riding center for those who suffer from autism and other developmental disabilities. As a volunteer, you can help teach these unique riding students, or work in the barns caring for these patient horses.

Waukesha is also plays host to one of the Daffodil Days programs put on by the American Cancer Society. From sales to publicity, there is a place to assist in this special campaign to raise funds and awareness to find cures for cancer.

Volunteer Quick Facts

Below are a few things to keep in mind when you look for Waukesha volunteer opportunities.

  • Volunteering is almost always an agreement to work for free. Many non-profits have limited budgets, and depend upon unpaid volunteers to keep them up and running.
  • Organizations are legally allowed (and often required) to run a background check on any and all volunteers that come to help at their facility.
  • You will be happiest volunteering in a field you either have experience in, or have always wanted to learn about. Just randomly selection a location because you need to fulfill community service requirements for a school, work or legal obligation will not lead to a memorable and impactful experience for either yourself or those you help.
  • Just like a job, organizations have the right to ask a volunteer to leave at any time if they prove disruptive or detrimental to the group.

Volunteering in a Wisconsin city like Waukesha can be a rewarding and positive experience you will cherish for the years to come. Many volunteers can attest to the fact volunteering adds a richness to your life not found anywhere else.

Waukesha Volunteer Opportunities