Where Can I Donate Used Books in New York City?

Are you asking where can I donate used books in New York City? If so, consider donating to charity, giving to local children through schools or turning to libraries. Books for children and adults are valuable learning tools that should not to be wasted.

Where Can I Donate Used Books in New York City?

Throughout New York City and the surrounding region, there are numerous locations to donate books. One of the best ways to get rid of books is to donate them through charities and other nonprofit organizations.

Books Through Bars

To help provide support and encouragement to those in jail, consider donating to Books Through Bars. This organization accepts most types of books and gives them to prisoners who are seeking books within the state. The organization is specifically looking for history books focusing on African American, Latin and Native American cultures, social science books, learning world languages and other how to style books. Paperback books are the most acceptable form, since most prisons do not accept hardcover books. For more information on how and when to donate, visit the ABC No Rio website, an affiliate of the organization.

Reading Reflections

Reading Reflections is an organization that provides reading material for children. The organization, started by two young brothers, provides books to children who are in desperate need. In some cases, the books remain local while in others the books travel throughout the world.

Reading Reflections accepts children's books appropriate for all age of children. The organization also accepts math and science text books, puzzles and other child-appropriate games. The organization does accept donations of adult books, since it provides services to adults through the program as well. To donate, visit the Reading Reflections website and fill out the donation form. Corporate, publishers, booksellers and individuals can donate through this method.

New York City Libraries

New York City libraries will accept most types of books and textbooks from donors. The library does warn, though, that it has limited space. If the library is unable to use the book, or has too many copies it may dispose of the book.

Before donating to the library, visit your local branch. Inquire about the ability to donate the books you have and mention the specific titles. If the library wants the books you have, donate them. If the library is unable to house the books, consider making a donation to another organization that may be in need of the titles you have. To find a list of public library branches, visit the New York City Library website.

Sharing Experiences

Book donations are one of the best ways to give. Books open the door for new opportunities and learning experiences to those who would otherwise not have those experiences.

Where Can I Donate Used Books in New York City?