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An art guild foundation usually has the mission statement of utilizing various mediums of artistic expression to further promote a certain charitable cause. Some foundations centered on an arts guild are designed solely to promote the arts.

Raising Awareness for the Arts

The arts have always been a viable way to draw attention to a particular charitable cause. Whether it is a benefit concert full of celebrities or a singular artist quietly protesting an issue, the arts are a common fixture when it comes to raising awareness and pulling together funds.

Here are some examples of art guild foundations that are designed to raise awareness about a particular cause by utilizing artistic expression:

  • Linn County Arts Guild is a local organization that exists to provide support for member artists in the community of Lebanon, Oregon. The organization focuses on promoting art and member artists by hosting a variety of arts-related events on an ongoing basis. Similar organizations exist in communities worldwide.
  • The Art Guild for Education and Communication Foundation is a non-profit organization that uses print art to promote AIDS awareness.

Local Art Classes

Information About Foundations

Plenty of art guild foundations have the mission statement of providing artistic lessons to students in a classroom setting, particularly for students who may not be exposed to the arts otherwise. While most of these organizations have to charge a fee out of necessity, they are still not for profit and offer class fees on a sliding scale. Many of these organizations will waive the cost of classes and supplies for students who can prove a financial need.

Here is a list of examples of these types of foundations:

  • The Creative Arts Guild offers visual art, theatre and dance classes for school aged children as well as adults.
  • Arts for All is a non-profit organization that brings art classes into schools and churches for financially disadvantaged youth and adults. Classes include visual art, dance, music, and acting classes.
  • The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) offers free art instruction to children in addition to other programs.

Grants to Artists

Some foundations focus on giving financial grants to artists. These artistic guilds allow artists to express themselves creatively without worrying about sources of income. Grants vary based on the availability of funds and the guidelines of the foundations.

Examples of these foundations include:

Competition for grants from these and other art foundations is fierce, especially since a grant may allow an artist to function without the need for an additional job or may allow an organization to still function without seeking out funding from many other sources.

Applying for grants requires applicants to carefully review the application requirements prior to applying. Grant requests that are not properly worded or that do not meet the foundation's requirements will most likely wind up discarded, even if the application is from a cause identical to the target set by the foundation.

Professional Art Guild

Groups of artistic professionals sometimes group together and create an art guild foundation solely as a way to network professionally as well as promote their professional services. These art guilds are not necessarily designed to promote a charitable cause but are instead designed to be more like a union.

Examples of these organizations include the Graphic Artists Guild and the Book Arts Guild. Joining one of these groups usually requires an association in one way or another with the group's professional affiliation.

Worth Checking Out

Whether you are an artist or just someone with an appreciation for the arts, local arts guilds may surprise you with what they have to offer. Many offer local art classes while others allow you to enjoy a performance of dance or theatre. You can enjoy whatever medium fits your interests and know that you are not only taking part in something you like to do but are supporting a worthy cause as well!

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