Bake Sale Ideas

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Are you looking for fun and profitable bake sale ideas to help raise money for your charitable organization? Remember that there's no need to limit yourself to just baked items. Non-baked foods like candies, soft drinks, and coffees and teas can be highly profitable items that require inexpensive supplies and are quick and easy to make.

About Fundraising Bake Sales

Bake sales can be a terrific way to raise money for all types of organizations. Nonprofit groups such as sports teams, church groups, and schools have been relying on bake sales to bring in money to fund projects and support their operations for many years. Even though these types of events have been around for a long time, they can still be quite profitable. With a little planning and creativity, you can raise quite a bit of money with a bake sale.

Successful Bake Sale Ideas

Schedule the Event Wisely

In order to enjoy fundraising success with your bake sale, its important to plan the event for a time when a large number of people will be present. They key to making money with a bake sale is volume. You need to be able to sell baked goods to several people since you'll be selling relatively low ticket items.

It is a good idea to schedule bake sales so that they coincide with meetings and other events. School bake sales can be very effective during parent-teacher conferences or PTA meetings. Sports team bake sales will likely do well during tournaments or on the day that team photographs are being taken. Churches can benefit from bake sales held immediately before and after church services or during fellowship events.

If you're trying to figure out the best time to hold a bake sale, look at the calendar of upcoming events for your group or organization. Identify times that you can expect to have a sizeable built-in customer base, and plan accordingly.

Offer a Variety of Products

Don't limit your bake sale inventory to one or two items. Instead, offer a variety of baked goods so that you're likely to have something that will appeal to everyone. It's a good idea to offer individual cookies, cupcakes, and brownies along with entire cakes or large platters of sweet treats. It's also important to keep in mind that not everyone eats sweets. So that you truly have something for everyone, consider including homemade bread and other savory items in your product mix.

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Set Up an Attractive Display

It's a fact that merchandising has an impact on buying behavior. Arrange your table display so that it is as visually appealing as possible. Add a few seasonal decorations, to serve as reminders to prospective customers that there are special occasions on the horizon for which they'll likely need baked goods on hand to serve or to give as gifts.

Allow Product Sampling

If people have an opportunity to taste your baked goods, there's a good chance that they'll purchase larger quantities of the items you have on hand. People are sometimes hesitant to try new recipes for their favorite baked goods, because they aren't sure how the item will compare to what they purchase elsewhere or make for themselves. If people can try what you have - and they like it -they'll be much more open to buying.

Publicize the Bake Sale

Take steps to make sure that people know when and where your next bake sale will be held. Include an announcement in any bulletins, newsletters, or flyers that go out to the people who are likely to attend the event during which your sale is being held. Hang up posters a few weeks ahead of time, urging people to stop by the bake sale booth while they are at the meeting or event.

Take Orders Ahead of Time

The most profitable bake sales don't rely solely on booth sales. If you plan far enough ahead of time, you can take orders for baked goods ahead of time. Instead of leaving sales to chance, why not set a menu in advance and solicit orders? This can be a particularly profitable bake sale idea around the holidays, as supporters will likely purchase baked goods as gifts for friends, family, and colleagues as well as for their own holiday celebrations.

Require pre-payment, and allow customers to pick up their items from your booth the day of the sale. You may even want to offer delivery, for an extra fee that can boost the amount of money you raise from the sale.

Use Different Ideas for Bake Sales

Consider adopting several of these bake sale ideas for your next fundraising event. By trying something different and focusing on meeting the needs of your customers, you'll likely enjoy the benefits of hosting a successful fundraising event.

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