Band Booster Fundraisers

band fundraising

Running band booster fundraisers doesn't have to be a daunting task. Take advantage of the youthful energy found in the members of junior and senior high marching bands and put it to good use as you raise the money that your school needs.

The Gift of Band Booster Fundraisers

It's fundraising time again, and chances are you're more than burned out on crab feeds and magazine subscriptions. However, a fundraiser doesn't have to be an exhausting and negative experience, and it doesn't have to involve the parents more than the students either. Instead, use fundraiser season to teach teens some lessons in responsibility, teamwork and perseverance.

All three of these start with the foundation of your fundraiser. In other words, allow the kids that will benefit from the raised booster money to select what they are going to do for their fundraiser. They may need a little guidance as to what will work well for your school and community demographics, but if they prefer car washes and candy sales over a casino night or bake sale, then they should be allowed to voice an opinion.

Secondly, enable them to work hard and keep a good attitude by doing so yourself. Nothing passes through students' ears more quickly than a negative grumble from an adult - look forward to fundraising (even if it is only an outward façade!) and help them get excited too.

Finally, encourage them to work in teams that they normally wouldn't pick for themselves. Mix up the color guard with the trumpet players, drummers with the flutists, parents with students they aren't related to - the more of a community feel you bring to the chosen fundraiser, the more successful you will be.

Fundraiser Ideas

Band booster fundraisers need to set themselves apart from the rest of the school, as there will be various sales and events going on throughout the year as every niche group tries to earn their annual budget. Below are just a few ideas to get you started as a unique and forward thinking booster club.

Pennies for the Piano

Started by a teacher in Missouri, a simple penny drive was established to help a local elementary school earn money for a piano. Your band booster group can hold a larger scale penny drive for any instruments you need to buy/replace, or any other needs you might have as a band throughout the year. Place penny drop boxes throughout the school, as well as in your community haunts such as local coffee shops and convenience stores. Students can also go door to door wearing some sort of school or band t-shirt and ask for pennies. This can yield a decent amount of funding, depending upon where you live and how many students participate.

Marathon Concert

Combine your love of music with some good old fashioned money making! Equip students to pull off an all-night concert, or even for a full 24 hours if possible. Gather sponsors who will pay a set amount for each hour played, or sell tickets for others to come check out the never-ending band. Boosters supply food, bathrooms and a performance space, and students provide the music, endurance and pledges. It is a win-win situation, and everyone has the potential to have a great time.


fundraising ideas

With an older generation living in your city who already loves the game, and a marching band made up of students who have barely discovered it, you can have one exciting Bingo night. Invite school alumni, students' parents and grandparents, and hand out community flyers so all are welcome. You can also serve food at Bingo night to earn some extra cash. Band booster fundraisers reach far beyond these basic ideas, and forming a committee within your booster club is a productive way to yield more options. Gather as many fundraising ideas as possible, then narrow it down to a list of several, and allow all booster members to vote on which they think will work best for your fundraising year.

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Band Booster Fundraisers