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Brick Fund Raiser

Mary Gormandy White
brick fundraiser

If you're looking for a way to raise money for your nonprofit organization, consider organizing a brick fund raiser. These types of fundraising projects are ideal for parks, museums, and for any nonprofit organization that is seeking funding to construct or renovate a building or other an exterior space.

What is a Brick Fund Raiser

Raising money with a brick fund raiser involves allowing supporters to sponsor bricks that will be used to build a wall, patio, sidewalk, or other type of structures. Donors pay a pre-set dollar amount to have a saying engraved on a brick that will be used in the construction of the special project the fund raising campaign is raising money to support.

Brick fund raising campaigns are popular with donors for many reasons. Individual bricks are usually available for sponsorship at an affordable price, so it's possible for donors who don't have a lot of money to give to participate. Additionally, purchasing fundraising bricks is a way that donors are able to leave a permanent mark on causes they participate in. After all, the engraved bricks become a permanent testament to the individuals who donate to the campaign.

Many donors purchase bricks to engrave with their own names or the names of the members of their immediate families. Some donors also purchase bricks in the names of their children and grandchildren, laying the groundwork for younger generations of their families to become part of the history of their favorite charitable organizations. Others purchase bricks as memorials, inscribing them in memory of loved ones whose lives were touched in some way by the charitable organization.

Organizing a Brick Fund Raising Campaign

If you're interested in organizing a brick fundraising campaign for your nonprofit organization, you'll need to make decisions about how much money you need to raise, how many bricks you need to sell, and what you'll charge for each engraved brick. You'll also need to find a supplier for your engraved bricks. A few companies that specialize in providing bricks for fundraising efforts are Bricks R Us, Brick Stone Graphics, and Fund Raisers, Ltd..

Some charitable groups offer engraved bricks for as little as $30 each, while others charge more than $100 per brick. When deciding how much to charge, consider all relevant factors, including your target audience, budgetary needs, competitive fundraising events and more. If your will be using a large number of bricks in your construction project, you may want to keep the price relatively low. However, if only a limited number of bricks are available, you may be able to command a higher price.

Marketing Your Brick Campaign

Once you've set your pricing and established the quantity of bricks available, you'll need to market them to prospective donors. There are several ways to make potential donors aware of your campaign. One of the first things you should do to raise awareness of what you are doing is to write a news release and distribute it to members of the news media in your community. You should also publicize it on your organization's website as well as in your newsletter. Other techniques you can use to market a brick fund raiser include:

  • Send sales letters to previous donors
  • Contact potential donors by telephone
  • Solicit corporate sponsorships of engraved bricks
  • Distribute brick campaign brochures through local organizations
  • Speak at civic organizations about the campaign
  • Enlist the assistance of board members to spread the word

After the Fund Raiser

Once you have sold enough bricks to reach your fundraising goal, you'll be able to complete your project. When construction has been completed, you can hold a grand opening event to show off the support of your organization's generous supporters.

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Brick Fund Raiser