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The CDC Foundation is a charity affiliated with the Centers for Disease Control. Established by Congress as a nonprofit foundation, its focus is on advancing the efforts of the foundation by providing monetary assistance and volunteer help. The ultimate goal of the organization is to improve the health of individuals around the world.

CDC Foundation Programs

Since the CDC is quite a large organization, the foundation divides its charitable mission into eight distinct programs, which are described below:

Global Health

Working to eradicate diseases like AIDS, cancer, malaria and tuberculosis, this branch deals with programs such as providing children in Africa with bed nets to deter mosquitoes and training lab technicians is underdeveloped parts of the world.

Chronic Disease

This branch of the charity focuses on birth defects and on chronic illnesses, like diabetes and heart disease. Some initiatives it helps to fund include health screenings, clinics on obesity and workplace health programs designed for early detection and disease prevention.

Injury and Violence

Stopping accidental injuries before they happen and putting a stop to those that are a result of abuse is an important issue. Through this program, the CDC Foundation funds violence prevention programs and assists individuals with safety initiatives that can help to prevent injuries, especially among older Americans.

Infectious Disease

This branch helps to support private programs that are working to protect people from the outbreak of infectious threats. This includes the development of new antibiotics and antivirals, work to stop the spread of infection during vaccinations and organ transplants, and food borne illness prevention.

Training and Education

The CDC would be useless without properly trained individuals ready to execute its work. This program helps to ensure that these people are prepared and have the tools they need. Another focus is on assisting students looking into careers in the medical field, especially those who wish to work in developing countries.

Occupational Health and Safety

This branch is concerned with illness and injuries that occur on the job. Focus is on workplace safety initiatives and the effects of fuels and pesticides on the workers who have to handle them.

Environmental Health

While this may sound like a green program, its focus is actually on the human living environment, such as pollution in neighborhoods and in areas where people work. Focuses include secondhand smoke studies, water filtration research and studies regarding the effect of environmental conditions on reproductive health.

Emergency Preparedness

Whenever there is a natural disaster or a widespread public health problem, the CDC is expected to assist. The CDC Foundation works with several agencies, including the Harvard School of Public Health and the Coordinating Office of Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response to ensure that this can happen.

Supporting the CDC Foundation

If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so through the CDC Foundation's website. You can also donate by calling 404-653-0790 or by mailing a donation to 55 Park Place, Suite 400; Atlanta, GA 30303. Donations are tax deductible. You can make a general donation or direct your money toward a specific program.

To find out more about employment, volunteer opportunities and fellowships with the Foundation, call (888) 880-4CDC or 00 11 1 404 653 0790 internationally. Alternately, you can send an email to

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