Canvas Bags for Fundraisers

Fundraising Strategic Plan
Fundraising Strategic Plan

Using Canvas bags for fundraisers is growing in popularity as the world becomes more green and willing to partake in philanthropic efforts. This is great news for non-profit organizations, as it provides them with a new and innovative fundraising plan that betters not only their group, but the environment as well.

Using Canvas Bags for Fundraisers

One of the fun parts of using canvas bags for fundraisers is that there are so many different options. Customarily, the goal is to sell canvas bags that your group then receives a profit on. They can be homemade, store bought, or customized through an online screen-printing or embroidery service. If your non-profit is environmentally focused, then the canvas bag concept is a natural progression for fundraising. However, the idea will work well with any group.

Canvas bags can be sold at a table outside of our group's headquarters on special event days, or you can follow suit with many organizations that have chosen to have an online marketplace where people can order a bag and help their cause raise money 24 hours a day, 7 day sper week.

Making Your Bags

If you choose to have this fundraiser, you will first want to decide what sort of bags to distribute. Blank canvas bags can be ordered online or found at your local craft shop. You can also purchase them in bulk at a shop such as, which specializes in large orders for fundraising and promotional purposes.

After you have received your blank bags, you must decide how you wish to embellish them. Of course, you can always choose to sell blank bags, but they will be much more appealing with some sort of design. For young people, you can enlist them to take creativity into their own hands with puff paint, iron on paper and fabric markers. Especially around the holidays, this is a fun and endearing fundraiser where families can purchase one-of-a-kind-bags with a whimsical feel.

You can also take advantage of the graphic design skills found within your own membership pool and have someone create a design and take the idea to the local screen-printing or custom embroidery shop. Many of these types of places will help nonprofits raise money by offering a significant percentage discount for fundraising programs.

Finally, you can use a service such as Custom Ink or Café Press that will allow you to simply design online and will supply the bags and graphics for you. In addition, they allow you to sometimes set up a "store" where supporters of your non-profit can shop online and have the bag sent directly to you.

Promoting a Positive Message

There are even some services available for non-profit groups such as schools. For example, Chico Bag offers a fundraisor where schools can make a 40-percent profit on every reusable canvas bag sold. The company also provides promotional materials and forms. Kids learn about entrpreneurship and protecting the environment while raising money for their schools.

Ways to Promote Your Fundraiser

To execute a successful fundraiser, you must give your potential supporters reasons to choose purchasing a canvas bag from you. Here is a list of some potential persuasions:

  • Canvas bags are easy to clean and will last a very long time
  • Since they are relatively inexpensive, you do not have to worry about it getting stolen or damaged.
  • It's a great way to support the environment in troubling times as scientists continue to study global warming, rain forest destruction, and other devastating effects on our planet.
  • There are so many different styles available that supporters can choose one that matches their own personality and personal style.

If that is not enough to persuade a crowd, remind them that they are supporting a great group - your group! Be ready with literature to hand out with each bag showing what they're supporting - just take advantage of recycled paper resources when doing so.

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Canvas Bags for Fundraisers