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Capital campaign companies can help jump start your fundraising efforts. If you're thinking about hiring a firm to help with this part of your organization's development efforts, seek assistance from a professional consulting firm with a proven track record of success running capital campaigns for organizations similar to yours.

What is a Capital Campaign?

A capital campaign is a way to raise a large amount of money in a designated amount of time. This type of fundraiser can be conducted to raise money for specific projects such as construction or renovation of a building, to purchase expensive office equipment such as a new computer system, to fund a future endowment, or for other purposes. The money should not be used for staff salaries or general operating expenses.

If you have decided that your organization needs a capital campaign then your next step is to plan for it. There are several ways to do this. One is to set up a committee, usually consisting of the board of directors or other key players in your organization. The committee will be responsible for organizing and soliciting for donations, as well as setting a time frame set for the campaign.

Another way to get your capital campaign started is to enlist the help of a professional capital campaign company. These companies specialize in managing capital campaigns and can assist your organization with all the necessary steps.

Finding Capital Campaign Companies

There may be local consultants in your area that specialize in capital campaigns. You can check your local yellow pages for listings or even check online. There are also companies on the web that can assist you in your efforts. Some firms to check out include:

Graham-Pelton Consulting

Graham-Pelton Consulting is a consulting firm that specializes in assisting nonprofit organizations reach their fundraising goals. The company has expertise and experience in the field along with the ability to help organizations attain their full potential and growth. This firm offers several types of assistance, including:

  • Capital campaign management
  • Planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Operational assessments
  • Other services as determined

Graham-Pelton has demonstrated success in planning capital campaigns and can identify the important components needed to make your event successful as well. Flexible plans are available, making it possible to tailor services to your organization's specific needs and budget.

The elements this firm is able to address for capital campaigns include:

  • Launching the campaign
  • Recruiting for leaders
  • Support
  • Identifying prospects and solicitation
  • Major gift planning
  • Training volunteers
  • Monitoring pledges
  • Organizes all meeting and functions during the campaign

Shepherds Group Consultants

Shepherds Group Consultants specializes in church capital campaigns and has the experience to make every capital campaign a success. The company incorporates a passion for God with expertise in accomplishing capital campaign goals. The firm will provide step-by-step assistance along with materials for training. Members of the Shepherds Group team can help your church calculate objective spiritual evaluations in order to reach campaign goals. The company's consultants are full-time pastors who know the importance of raising money for the church. They will provide your church will the necessary tools to make your campaign a guaranteed success.

Hartsook Companies, Inc.

Hartsook Companies, Inc. is a full-service fundraising consulting firm. The company provides diverse services to assist organizations with capital campaigns.Hartsook's Integrated Fundraising Campaign will help your organization in bulding relationships while setting a path for success. It blends capital and endowment development to prepare your organization for its annual campaign.

The company will also conduct a Pre-Integrated Campaign Study also known as a feasibility study that consists of the following elements:

  • Readiness review
  • Case statement development
  • Campaign assessment

Hartsook's Capital Campaign Counsel provides the direction and leadership needed for a successful campaign. The company will give your organization support and guidance while facilitating the necessary strategy and development. All of the components can make your organization's capital campaign successful.

Final Thoughts

Many organizations and churches recognize the need for a capital campaign but may be lacking in the resources needed to make it a success. By enlisting the help of capital campaign companies the burden and stress can be lifted while your organization receives the expertise and experience of a company that specializes in fundraising.

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