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Kids Saving the Rainforest: An Organization for Preservation

Kids Saving the Rainforest: An Organization for Preservation

In 1999. Janine Licare and Aislin Livingstone, who were then nine years-old, decided they wanted to take measures to save Costa Rica's rainforest. Janine explains, "Growing up in an area surrounded by rainforest… Keep reading »

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Charitable Organizations

There are numerous charitable organizations that operate on international, national, and local scales. Each organization represents a specific cause and works to secure funds, programs, and volunteers to support that cause. Whether you're looking for assistance or hoping to support a cause, there's a charitable organization out there to suit your needs.

Types of Charitable Organizations

When you look at a list of nonprofit organizations, you'll see there are dozens of different types of charities supporting everything from human rights to animal rights. Nonprofit organizations by definition are legally designated as charitable and focus on one population or cause. You can use charity watchdog agencies to determine "Is a nonprofit organization legitimate?"

Children's Charities

Some children's charities focus on helping children in need while others involve children in charitable causes.

  • The Boys and Girls Club of America provides activities and mentorship for kids after school and during summer at more than 4,300 local clubs in the U.S.
  • Kids between the ages of 2 and 18 who are terminally ill are granted a free, final wish by the Make a Wish Foundation of America.
  • Teenagers can donate old prom dresses or get one for free with charities like the Cinderella Project.
  • Kids can volunteer their time with Kids Saving the Rainforest by teaching others about this unique environment or starting a fundraiser to donate to rainforest campaigns.

Cancer Charities

The list of cancer charities is long because of the prevalence of dozens of different kinds of cancer. You'll find cancer charities that support all cancers and charities that hone in on one specific type of cancer.

Animal Charities

Whether you're interested in helping homeless pets at an animal shelter, saving endangered wild animals, or starting your own animal rescue, there's an animal charity waiting for your help.

  • The Environmental Defense Fund works toward protecting the environment for people and animals through projects like Wildlife Preservation.
  • Learn how you can donate to or volunteer at your local ASPCA to help taking care of cats and dogs.
  • The World Wildlife Fund accepts monetary donations and volunteers to conserve natural resources and wild animal populations around the world.

Celebrity Charities

Many celebrities choose to use their fame as a platform to support a charitable cause close to their hearts. Most of these charities are set up as foundations who raise money then give it to other charitable causes.

Running a Nonprofit Organization

In addition to writing grants, salary reviews, and accounting procedures, there is a lot involved to keep a charity up and running. It takes a team of volunteers, staff, and community members to make a charitable organization successful. Starting a nonprofit organization is much like starting a new business.

Choosing to Support a Charitable Organization

There are so many charities to choose from when looking for services or volunteer opportunities. Check out charities by viewing their websites to see what cause they support, how you can help, and how they are rated. Look for a charity that fits your needs or passions and help make the world a better place.

Charitable Organizations