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LoveToKnow Charity features many exclusive charity expert interviews with celebrities and many other people with worthwhile groups. If you are planning on donating your time or money, check out the information given in these expert interviews for helpful tips, suggestions and insight into these organizations.

Experts Provide Useful Information

The information provided in the interviews is unique and can't be found anywhere else. The experts featured in the interviews include:

  • High profile people as well as spokespeople from many organizations
  • Local group representatives plus those from worldwide organizations
  • Those directly involved in fundraising projects or those behind the scenes

Each interview is exclusive to LoveToKnow and presents information you can use to evaluate which charities you wish to donate or volunteer your expertise.

Charity Interview Topics

There are a wide range of topics featured on LTK Charity. They include subjects such as writing grants, programs to inspire kids to learn math, and much more. No matter what you are interested in, you are sure to find it here on LoveToKnow Charity. The interviews give an inside look of many organizations as well as guidelines on how to help or donate to your favorite cause.

Helping Others

You can read about organizations that help the disadvantaged, such as the Cinderella Project Prom Dress Donation, one of the worthy causes that Florence Azria discusses how she became involved in helping disadvantaged girls attend prom in style. You can read the inspiring story of the two girls in Costa Rica who took action to save the rainforest. Discover what inspired Jenny Jones to start the Heroes Project where she gives those wishing to help their communities the means to do it.

Fighting Disease

The battle to find cures and treatments for devastating diseases have inspired celebrities and non-celebrities to step up. Many have a vested interest in finding cures, either for themselves or for someone they love. When an outpouring of love and donations came soon after he disclosed the illness he was battling, Michael J. Fox started a charity for researching Parkinson's. Learn about some of the amazing contributions his organization has made so far in the race to find a cure. Keep up to date with what Bill Couzen's Less Cancer organization is doing, especially the awareness campaign for cancer prevention.

Changing Lives

Most charities strive to be life-changers. Some are created with this as the specific goal and mission. One such organization, Kate's Club founded by Kate Atwood, was created to address a very serious life experience, losing a parent or sibling. Another organization, Laugh for a Change, was founded by comedians and other entertainers to bring laughter to the world's children.

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There are many charitable causes that are worthy. You can explore the ones featured and learn directly from those creating and managing such altruistic organizations dedicated to making life better for their fellow human beings.

Charity Expert Interviews