Volunteer Communication Tips to Build a Stronger Team

Volunteer Communication Tips to Build a Stronger Team

Maintaining effective volunteer communication is essential to the success of every nonprofit organization. To keep volunteers energized and engaged in their work, it's important to let them know what the organization's… Keep reading »

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Volunteerism keeps communities alive and vibrant by fostering connections and supporting organizations and causes. Whether you're looking to recruit volunteers or searching for a place to donate your time, resources about volunteerism can help ensure you have the best volunteer experience.

Volunteering Your Time

Are you wondering about what's involved in volunteerism? Maybe there is a specific cause that you feel passion about but can't afford to donate money. You can still make a difference by volunteering your time. Unlike a job, when you are seeking volunteerism opportunities, you will be able to pick what interests you and how you would like to spend your time. Many nonprofits are short staffed, so the extra hands in the office will be much appreciated!

  • If you don't have a lot of time to give all year, look for community service project ideas you can complete in a short amount of time.
  • Volunteering doesn't have to involve any commitment to an organization when you find great ways to pay it forward in your everyday life.
  • Even kids can volunteer for age-appropriate causes such as spending time with seniors or participating in simple community clean-up days.

Working With Volunteers

Once an organization has a solid core of volunteers, it is important to treat those volunteers as professionals. Working with volunteers is similar to working with co-workers or employees. Make sure people donating their time know what their role is and feel appreciated so they'll stick around for the long-haul.

Volunteer Management Resources

If you're managing a group of volunteers, there are several tools and resources that can make this unique relationship run smoothly.

Volunteer Appreciation

There are many things you can do to recognize the generous people whose interest in volunteerism leads them to give freely of their time and talents. No matter what you do, the fact that you acknowledge their generosity is sure to be appreciated by your team of volunteers.

The Importance of Volunteers

Volunteerism is important because it helps spread the word about community resources and makes fundraisers possible. Everyone needs help at some point in their life, so it's important to make sure there are resources available when needed.