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Christmas Tree Ornament Fundraiser Ideas

Mary Gormandy White
Christmas Tree Ornament Fundraiser

Are you thinking about holding a Christmas tree ornament fundraiser? If you're looking for a way to raise funds for a nonprofit organization during the fall, selling Christmas ornaments just might be an ideal option. Since many schools and church groups hold wrapping paper, wreath, poinsettia and holiday card sales during the months before Christmas, starting an ornament sale might be a great way to capitalize on the season a fundraiser that's a little different from what everyone else is doing.

Types of Christmas Tree Ornament Fundraisers

There are several ways to approach holding an ornament sale. For example, you will need to decide if you'd rather sell handmade ornaments or find a wholesale supplier for manufactured pieces. Additionally, if you're thinking about holding an annual Christmas tree ornament fundraiser you may want to consider commissioning a custom piece to use that can be altered slightly each year to appeal to collectors.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

If the members of your group are looking for a craft project that can also raise money, selling handmade Christmas tree ornaments may be a good option. You could create ceramic ornaments in a shape that has a special meaning for your organization or select a few attractive beaded ornament patterns to recreate. If you choose this option, quality control is very important. To enjoy a successful fundraiser, you'll need to be certain that the ornaments that you are producing are professional quality items that people will want to purchase for a fair price.

Traditional Manufactured Ornaments

If you can find a wholesale source for quality manufactured ornaments, you can raise money by selling the items that you purchase at a discount for retail prices. If you go with this option, choose a few classic styles that are likely to have a broad appeal and avoid purchasing any designs that feature the year. This is because you want to take steps to ensure that you don't end up with leftover inventory that you can't return or sell because it becomes outdated.

Annual Signature Ornaments

Many charitable organizations hold an annual Christmas ornament sale as a signature fundraiser. If this idea appeals to your organization, consider your long term objectives before deciding what type of ornament to sell each year. Annual ornaments can be handmade or manufactured. What matters is that they make a statement about your organization and appeal to buyers.

The beauty of creating an annual program lies with the fact that people may view each year's ornament as a collectible, not to be missed holiday decorating item. Think about a relevant design that can be varied from year to year or a series of ornaments that people will want to collect.

Planning for Fundraising Success

No matter what kind of ornaments you decide to sell, proper planning and marketing is essential if you want to have a financially successful fundraiser. Long before you purchase craft supplies or place an order with a wholesale supplier you will need to put together your committee, build your budget, and establish your goals.

You'll need to create a production schedule if you will be selling handmade items and determine and ordering timeline if you're using manufactured ornaments. You will also need to set pricing, come up with a sales strategy and teach those who have volunteered to work in a marketing capacity how to sell the ornaments. Additionally, you will also need to decide how the ornaments will be delivered to customers when they are ready for distribution.

The sooner you start assembling your committee and putting your plans in place, the more likely you are to have a financially successful fundraiser. No matter how your fundraiser goes this year, take the time to evaluate the results when you are finished. What you learn can help you start putting plans in place right away to enjoy an even better fundraiser next year!

Christmas Tree Ornament Fundraiser Ideas