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Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

Mary Gormandy White
Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

If you're looking for a way to raise money during November and December, holding a Christmas wreath fundraiser just might be the perfect choice for your organization.

Selling Christmas Wreaths to Raise Money

A Christmas wreath fundraiser can be a great way to let the members of your group put their creative talents to work while raising money for your organization. This type of fundraiser simply involves creating festive Christmas wreaths and selling them for more than it costs to make them.

The act of putting the wreaths together can be a great bonding and team building activity for members of a Church youth group, women's club, professional organization, or other type of group. Of course, making the wreaths that your group will sell is only part of the equation. You'll also need to sell them at a profit if your goal is to raise money.

Planning a Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

If the members of your group decide to hold a Christmas wreath fundraiser, you'll need to begin planning the event several months before people start decorating their homes for the holiday season. You'll need to (1) recruit volunteers, (2) come up with a budget and (3) decide how to approach marketing your wares before you get started.

1. Recruit Volunteers

Survey the members of your organization to find out who is interested in getting involved with the fundraiser. Invite everyone who is interested in participating to attend an organizational meeting where information is shared about the different ways to get involved. Ask attendees to fill out a questionnaire that indicates what type of contribution they'd like to make to the project and what level of involvement they'd like to pursue.

2. Establish a Budget

In order to hold a successful wreath marketing fundraiser, you'll need to have some money to purchase the supplies necessary to create the wreaths that you plan to sell. Research the costs of the different types of materials you will need to come up with a realistic figure for the money you'll need to get started.

Shop around for the best deals and be sure to mention that you will be purchasing in bulk for a fundraising project. You may find that some craft supply retailers are willing to extend special discounts to your group. Depending on your organization's financial situation, you may need to hold a car wash or yard sale in order to raise the initial funds needed to purchase supplies.

You can also use the materials prices that you discover to determine how much you will need to sell the wreaths for in order to profit from the fundraising event.

3. Determine Your Marketing Approach

Before you purchase supplies and start making wreaths, spend some time thinking about how you will sell the items that you make. You may want to consider taking pre-orders from other members, past donors, friends and family members so that you know that you'll have a built-in market for some of the wreaths that your committee creates. Consider offering a discount to those who order and pay ahead of time. You may even want to allow those who place pre-orders to specify colors or decorating styles for their wreaths.

Beyond pre-orders, decide on any other methods you will use to sell your wreaths. You may want to hold a weekend wreath sale that is open to your public. You can also set up displays of wreaths to sell during group meetings and special events. For example, church groups can set up sales tables before and after church services and holiday programs. Professional organizations and women's groups can set up sales booths during their meetings. You may even want to consider renting a booth at a local flea market for one or two weekends during peak Christmas decorating times.

Make Wreaths and Raising Money

Once you've gotten all of your plans in place, it'll be time to start assembling the wreaths that will be sold. Set aside several work periods at varying times of day to accommodate the schedules of everyone involved. Choose a central location so that all of the supplies can be stored in the same place. Have your most creative members assemble a few wreaths that can be used as examples for everyone else to follow when assembling their own wreaths.

Be certain that every finished wreath is attractive and likely to be pleasing to prospective customers. If your group turns out good work, you just may find that you develop repeat customers who come back to your organization year after year to purchase new holiday wreaths. What started out as a simple fundraising idea could turn into a signature annual fundraising event for your organization!

Christmas Wreath Fundraiser