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Be sure to ask for a church donation receipt for any contributions that you make. This receipt is needed when you begin preparing your taxes.

About Church Donations

Many people make weekly, monthly or annual donations to their church. In return, the church often sends a statement detailing your contribution amounts. If you are a member of a church, there should be a record on file of your giving history. Often there are special campaigns that exist to increase donations; this gift would also warrant a receipt. Keep track of your giving throughout the year so you can be sure to get credit for the donations you have given when caclulating tax deductions.

Donations to churches often go towards general operating expenses, mission work, building costs and improvements and to help those in need. There may be a special appeal that the church is having to fund a specific project as well. Whatever the reason, donations are essential for any organization.

Asking for a Receipt

If you do not receive a letter thanking you for your donation or a year-end tax receipt, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for one. You can call the church office and let them know you need a receipt for taxes and have not received one yet. You may want to mention how much you have given and the dates of your donations.

Church Donation Receipt Information

A receipt for your church donation must include the following information:

  • Name of the church
  • Donor's name and address
  • Date of donation
  • Amount of donation

If there were any in-kind gifts made to the church or services provided, this may be mentioned on the receipt as well.

When To Send

A receipt can be in the form of a thank you letter and sent immediately following the donation. It can also be in the form of a postcard or even an email.

Some churches issue receipts on an annual basis. This is usually done by the end of January each year in order to give donors a record for their taxes. This may be in the form of a statement rather than a thank you letter.

Sample Church Donation Receipts

Since there is not a specific form to use a donation receipt, many churches create their own letter or statement to be used as proof of receiving a donation. If you are the person responsible for generating receipts, consider using one of the following samples.

General Donation Thank You Letter Receipt


Donor's Name


Dear Donor,

Name of Church would like to thank you for your generous gift of $ Amount, made on Date.

Our church relies on the generosity of donors such as you to survive and flourish. We again thank you for your gift and send you God's blessings.

Yours in Faith,

Signature of Authorized Church Official

Donation Receipt for Tax Purposes

To be printed on church letterheadDonor's name


Date of Donation

Amount of Donation

Type of Donation: cash, check, credit card, service or goods

With this gift, you did not receive any goods or services in exchange for your donation other than religious benefits. (A version of this statement is required on all statements for tax purposes.)

Thank you for your generous support of Name of Church.

Final Thoughts

Donations are the lifeblood of many churches. Individuals can support their local church and in exchange get a receipt to use for their taxes. Since donations made to churches and non-profit organizations are tax-deductible, you will get an added benefit other than feeling good knowing you are supporting a worthy cause.

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