Cinderella Project Prom Dress Donation Interview

Florence Azria

Find out about Cinderella Project prom dress donations along with what it takes to make a difference in the lives of today's underprivileged youth in this exclusive LoveToKnow Charity interview with Florence Azria.

The Cinderella Project for Prom Dress Donations

Florence Azria has created a blog called where she not only features the latest shoes and trends but she also raises awareness for the many causes that she feels passionate about. She is extremely involved in helping the underprivileged youth of South Central LA and is actively involved in The Cinderella Project prom dress donation event in her area.

In Los Angeles, the Cinderella Project is an annual charity event where stylists, designers and fashion experts collaborate on one goal: giving disadvantaged girls a chance to attend their senior prom in stylish apparel. Clothing, accessories and shoes are donated then given to girls who would likely not be able to afford them on their own.

Cinderella Project: Interview with Florence Azria

What made you get involved with The Cinderella Project?

I first got involved with The Cinderella Project through volunteer work that I had been doing at A Place Called Home. This is a wonderful afterschool program for children that provides a safe haven and also enables them to learn and enjoy activities such as music, dance, yoga and etc. The most important thing about A Place Called Home is that it protects these children from being involved in gang violence and drugs.

Prom Dresses

What role do you play in The Cinderella Project?

There are several roles that I play in helping out The Cinderella Project. This event is so special that I want to share it with all of my viewers, so I usually write about the event on my blog, to help raise awareness for the event. I also provide the shoes for The Cinderella Project and am at the event to help out with whatever I can do for the girls.

What advice would you give those who might want to start a prom dress donation project?

I would tell them that the most important thing to do when wanting to start a prom dress donation is to raise awareness about it. The more people that know that you are looking for prom dress donations the more helping hands you will find! You can also reach out to designers and fashion companies to see if they would be interested in donating some dresses.

Getting Involved with Non Profit Organizations

There are endless non-profit agencies in existence. How do you decide what ones you want to get involved with?

Shoes donated for the project

It is so important to find an organization that you are truly passionate about helping. One of the main things for me is that I like to be involved in smaller organizations that are often overlooked by many people. A Place Called Home is a smaller organization, but I feel as though I have made a huge impact on the children's lives.

Additional Information for Readers

If you are interested in learning about similar charitable organizations in your own community, visit The Cinderella Project online, a national network of prom dress donation charities.

LoveToKnow Charity would like to thank Florence Azria for taking the time to share her thoughts and give us insight about her charitable endeavors. We wish her and The Cinderella Project continued success.

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Cinderella Project Prom Dress Donation Interview