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There are many types of computer volunteer work. If you have any skills in technology, you may not be aware of how easily you can donate your knowledge to help another. From school children to the elderly, those who have a knack for computers can find plenty of opportunities to be philanthropic in their spare time.

The Importance of Computer Volunteer Work

In this day and age, our world is almost completely reliant upon the technology and level of communication that computers bring us. From online banking databases to social networking, our entire livelihood is based at least somewhat on computers. For those who are at a loss as to how to navigate through one of these electronic boxes of wonder, even day to day activities can get a bit tricky.

For many baby boomers and individuals from previous generations, having to learn various computer programs for work or hobbies can be daunting. Additionally, not every young person has access to computer equipment at home and so may need help learning computer skills that seem to "come naturally" to others in their generation. Many people who need to learn computer skills simply cannot afford fee-based training through formal courses seminars. This is where computer volunteer workers come in.

Volunteers who are willing to donate their time and experience toward teaching those who didn't grow up in the age of technology can be of great assistance. A 20 or 30-something may be extremely valuable in various volunteer endeavors related to computer skills. Young people are often utilized by various non-profit groups and community centers to educate older generations, as well as others who need help, on the basic skills of computer technology.

Elementary School Education

Volunteering can often involve working with young children. Adults now entering their late 20s and early 30s undoubtedly recall learning how to use floppy disks and basic word processing programs, and now many from this generation are now volunteering to help ensure the future of computer use is confident and empowered. Some choose to volunteer in the traditional public school environment, and many high schools and colleges will offer programs that allow teens to tutor elementary schoolers in various disciplines, including computer technology.

Other programs, such as the organized mentorship found through the Big Brother/Big Sister organizations, can allow adults to play educational computer games with high-risk youth, helping to foster their self-esteem and providing important quality time and interaction.

Finally, some computer gurus opt to spend time in other countries, training young generations on how to properly and effectively use everything from Photoshop to the Internet. This is an especially popular venture for aspiring humanitarians going to third world nations such as those found in Africa and impoverished areas of Europe and Asia.

Technical Support

Sometimes those who are familiar with information technology are able to provide tech support to non-profit organizations that need it most. Many charities that do great work remain on tight budgets, and having a volunteer who can troubleshoot computer issues and do occassional grunt work such as entering information into databases and building websites and email clients, can make a tremendous difference in how much work is completed. The more technology can assist a charitable organization, no matter how big or small, the more likely it is to provide relevance and cutting edge solutions to the demographic it exists to serve.

Enlightening a Golden Generation

There are many in older generations who need assistance with things as simple to young people as checking email or working through online bill pay programs. In-home tutoring sessions are a norm in programs such as the Lions Club, which will match tech gurus with the sight-impaired. There are many other opportunities to help the elderly learn the ways of the Internet, primarily through teaching at a free seminar or offering your services through your local chamber of commerce. You may also try to get involved at your local library or senior center to see if they require any assistance.

These are just a few of the ways that volunteering can come in handy when you're looking for a way to better the world through the gifts of your unique, modern abilities in technology.

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Computer Volunteer Work