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Are you thinking that it would be a good idea to donate your time to a good cause? There are plenty of nonprofit organizations in need of volunteers, so your efforts are sure to be appreciated!

Benefits of Volunteer Work

Working as a volunteer can be a very rewarding experience in a number of ways. There are many reasons to consider sharing your time and talents with individuals or organizations that are in need of assistance. Some of the most common reasons that people decide to do volunteer work include:

  • Helping people who are less fortunate than they are
  • Providing assistance to those who cannot help themselves
  • Supporting a good cause
  • Gaining valuable skills and experience
  • Enjoying an opportunity to work with like-minded people
  • Repaying assistance received in the past
  • Raising money for a worthy cause
  • Showing support for a particular group, individual, or cause
  • Making a difference in the world
  • Many other reasons

Where to Donate Your Time

There are many opportunities to volunteer in every community. If you don't already know where you'd like to provide service hours, spend some time thinking about the type of work you're likely to find most rewarding and look for relevant local opportunities. A few ideas for the types of opportunities that exist for people who want to donate their time are detailed below.

Working with Children

If you enjoy working with children, consider volunteering at a library or children's museum in your local community. Other volunteer opportunities that provide opportunities to assist children include church youth groups, children's hospitals, day care programs for children from low income families, and other similar organizations. Becoming a Big Brothers Big Sisters of America mentor or scout troop leader can also be a very rewarding volunteer activity for adults who want to provide leadership and direction for youngsters.

Providing Educational Assistance

Do you feel that providing educational assistance to people who need basic skills would be a good option for you? Consider getting in touch with an adult literacy program in your community to offer your assistance. Visit the National Literacy Directory website to find these types of programs in your area. If you'd prefer helping young people with their educational goals, you may also want to consider donating your time to work as a tutor in a local school or for a community based after school program such as the ones offered by the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Assisting Senior Citizens

There are opportunities for volunteers who enjoy spending time with senior citizens to volunteer at senior centers, nursing homes, and other facilities that provide services to older adults. You may find it rewarding to share your arts and crafts talents with seniors, serving or delivering meals to them, or to simply spend time visiting with seniors who may be lonely.

Supporting Healthcare Research

oppportunities to volunteer
Participate in Fundraisers

With so many nonprofit organizations focused on working on finding cures for serious illnesses, there is a great need for volunteers who are willing to help raise money to support their efforts. There are many ways to get involved, including organizing and promoting special event fundraisers, participating in walk-a-thons and other events (such as Relay for Life), helping with capital campaign solicitations, and more.

Environmental Protection

If environmental protection is an issue near and dear to your heart, consider volunteering to work for a nonprofit association focused on protecting natural resources. Most communities have active groups focused on protecting the local environment, such as the Mobile Baykeeper organization in Alabama. There are also national and international organizations you can get involved with, such as the World Wildlife Fund and the Sierra Club.

Additional Opportunities

There are many other options for individuals who want to donate their time. For additional volunteer work ideas or to locate an organization in your community that could use your help, see

Rewards of Working as a Volunteer

Once you make a commitment to working as a volunteer, you'll likely find that the rewards you enjoy as a result of your participation are much greater than what you give up by sharing your time. There's no better time that the present to donate your time to help others or support a cause you believe in. The sooner you get started, the faster your efforts can begin to make a difference.


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Donate Your Time