Education 902b Grants

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Education 902b grants are an option for funding continuing education, research and small businesses. A grant is not only for students facing financial hardship but can also offer unique opportunities for small businesses, women and minorities.

Education 902b Grant Overview

An education 902b grant is a federal grant that awards a sum of money to qualified individuals for educational or business endeavors. People who receive the financial award are not required to make a repayment and the money is non-taxable.

This type of grant can helpful to a person who has faced financial challenges and seeks funding for college, or desires to start up a small business.

These grants may almost sound too good to be true for the entrepreneur, who is part of the demographic that the grant was created for. However, 902b education grants generally have strict qualification criteria that can rule out many people. Those that do qualify have to go through a comprehensive application process.

Types of 902b Grants

There are numerous 902b grants available that support educational and equal opportunity endeavors in some way. Generally the 902b grant is for individuals but some of them are also for small businesses.

The large number of 902b grants fall into the category of three basic types:

  • Research Grants: Grants for educational research
  • Scholarship Grants: Financing for school based on financial hardship
  • Funding for business and projects: Help for women, minority and small business owners and those who are involved in an educational project

How to Find 902b Grants

Researching and applying for a 902b education grant can all be done online. Candidates can research available grants at the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance(CFDA) site. The CFDA provides a complete list of all federal financial assistance programs, including all 902b education grant programs.It is better to research grants at the official government sites to make sure that you get legitimate grant listings. Unfortunately, there are a number of for-profit grant research and application sites that have incorrect information or charge large amounts of money for their assistance. In fact, any website or company that charges you money for the grant application is a scam because the grant application process is generally a free service.

Before you begin the grant search, write down your goals, resources and what you need to achieve them. This will give you direction in your grant search. It will also help you make an informed decision when selecting the grant.

Spend some time searching for the type of 902b grant that fits your situation and needs. Select the grant carefully; you have the best chance at receiving a grant that you are more qualified for.

How to Apply

You can find the online application at for the 902b education grant or at the Free Application for Federal Student Aid site for 902b student scholarships. Both the and FAFSA sites are exceptional full-service sites that provide everything you need for the application process. The sites allow you to download the application for free, submit it and track it as it processes. The process is considerably less stressful than traditional mail application techniques.

Tips for Applying for 902b Grants

Consider the following tips when applying for an education 902b grant:

  • Read all of the grant qualification criteria to make sure that you are eligible.
  • Consider other types of grants, if you find ones that fit your situation better than the 902b.
  • Follow the grant application directions carefully. Be sure to provide all of the information requested. A small error can cost you big.
  • Don't get discouraged if your application is denied. Look for other grant opportunities and you just might find the best one for you. There are a number of grant options for higher education and starting new businesses.

The 902b education grant is a valuable opportunity for qualifying individuals to pursue their dreams despite financial setbacks.

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