Entertainment Book Fundraising


Entertainment book fundraising is a resource that has become tradition for many schools and non-profit groups in recent years.

What Are Entertainment Books?

Entertainment books resemble small catalogs in appearance, and are full of coupons for local restaurants, entertainment venues, and other establishments that a resident of a town may frequent. Since they are personalized by region, they make a great fundraising option for many groups that need to earn money for their upcoming endeavors. To sell, you simply motivate your friends and family to purchase them, and then you get a cut of the profits.

Available in 155 cities throughout North America, you can hold this fundraiser almost anywhere. To make it even simpler, people are often enthusiastic about purchasing them because it helps them save money, which is something everyone is looking to do these days.

Entertainment Book Fundraising Strategies

To make a good profit off of Entertainment book fundraising, start by making a list of everyone in your life that is local to your area and might be interested in making a purchase. Include friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, and church congregants. Start to go through this list and contact them individually. If your child is the one raising funds, have them make the phone calls or write the e-mails themselves. It has more of a sweet and personal touch when a youngster makes the effort.

If you are having difficulty selling the books, there are other strategies you can use to help inspire and motivate people. One of the first ways to inspire people to purchase books is to remind them of not only how much money they will save, but also how they can gain the opportunity to try new things. Perhaps they've been eyeing a new restaurant down the street, or perhaps they want to go out for a meal or to a show with a new group of friends, but are on too tight of a budget. With a 50% off coupon or a "buy one get one free" coupon, nights out become more reasonable and realistic.

Another thing to remind prospective supporters is that entertainment books reach beyond popular restaurants. Often there are coupons for local grocery stores, movie theaters, theme parks, car washes, and even at home entertainment such as DVD rentals. This can promote more family time at home, a chance to explore a city if you are new in town, and can just plain provide a way to be charitable for a great cause while still benefitting through saving money and enjoying great entertainment.

Benefits for the Fundraising Group

If you are looking to select an annual fundraiser for your group, entertainment books can be a positive option. You can make up to a 50% profit on each book sold, and the fundraising process could not be easier. Unlike many other selling options, the entertainment books require no upfront costs for your group. Simply sell the books and return your unsold units by deadline. You can also sell them online for even more convenience.

Finally, the books work for any size of group, whether you have only a handful of people working toward raising funds, or you get an entire school involved. You only need to sell for a couple of weeks, so there is less chance of burnout for your group. The Entertainment company will send you free promotional materials and help you plan and strategize your fundraiser.

Alternative Versions

If you want a twist on selling the traditional entertainment books, try the Membership Card. This is included with all books and can be used at well regarded eateries and travel destinations. You can also provide your patrons with a way to print online coupons for even deeper discounts and many locales.

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