Fun Games to Raise Money in an Office

Swear jar

Playing fun games to raise money in an office is both a good way to support a charity and to increase morale in the workplace. You can either set aside one day to play the games, as a kind of teambuilding activity, or you can introduce one idea, or several, over time. There are lots of different things you can do, and you are welcome to change the rules so that they better suit your office.

Ideas of Fun Games to Raise Money in an Office

The Money Jar

Think of a problem you have in the office, be it the use of profanity, excessive complaining or leaving lunch dishes sit out in the break room. Every time someone in the office performs said activity, make him or her put a quarter in the charity jar. It can be fun to call out your coworkers on their behavior - in a nice way, just be able to take it if you can dish it out.

Duct Tape the Boss

Have people in the office donate a certain amount of money to "buy" a piece of duct tape. On a day of your choosing - say two weeks after the start of the game - use all of the tape that's been purchased to duct tape the boss to the wall. If you have enough tape, and your boss is light enough, you may be able to suspend him or her a foot or so off the ground.

Smash the Copier

Do you have a copy machine or other piece of office equipment that is a complete terror? If you're about to get it replaced, you can create a much appreciated fundraising game. Take the hated item outside to the parking lot. Then grab a hammer and charge people a small sum for each hit. It's a good stress reliever as well. Just make sure to outfit the aggressors with goggles and long sleeves for safety's sake.

Chair Racing

You know those office chairs with wheels, and how you always want to race them across the office but you're not allowed to. Now's your chance. Pick two to four teams of two: one pusher and one rider. Then have people place bets on which team will finish first. All the money goes into a pot, with half going to the winning wagerers and half going to charity. If you don't have room to race in the office, you can race in the parking lot instead. Plot out a course using traffic cones.

Hula Hoop Contest

This game should probably be done outside of the office to prevent any collateral damage. Before starting the game, have everyone get pledges from people they know for a certain dollar amount per revolution or per second that they keep their hula hoops from touching the ground. Then, let the contest begin. The person who lasts the longest not only gets bragging rights, he or she will also likely raise a lot of money. You can have two prizes, one for the contest winner and one for the person who collects the most money.

How to Encourage Participation

The best way to get people to participate in fun games to raise money in an office is to choose a charity that people in the office care about. Perhaps you can do a survey to see which one interests people the most. Another way to do it is to find one that the employees can personally relate to. For example, if someone in the office has a child with a serious illness, you may want to raise money for a local children's hospital - or to help that person's family with the medical expenses not covered by insurance.

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Fun Games to Raise Money in an Office