Fund Raising Flowers and Plants

Fund raise with flowers!

What better way to raise money than with fund raising flowers and plants. Enjoy the benefit of beautiful blooms while helping out a local charity.

Fund Raising: Flowers and Plants Ideas

There are endless possibilities when it comes to fundraising, and selling flowers and plants is a great way for an organization to raise money. After all, who doesn't love to look at blooms and have the satisfaction knowing that by purchasing them you also helped out a local cause?

Another reason to hold a fund raiser such as this is that it does not require much work or planning like other special events would require. You simply take orders for the plants or flowers then once they arrive, deliver them to the buyers. The most important thing is to find a good supplier who specializes in fund raising and that will give your organization a discount. Usually there are no upfront fees associated with the orders. Any organization can hold a flower or plant sale. Most commonly, [[churches or schools use this as a money raising event. Any organization can be successful at this type of sale.

Depending on the particular season, there are various flowers and plants to consider selling as part of your fundraiser. For example, in the fall poinsettias sell very well. In the spring, geraniums are an excellent choice.

American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days

Each spring the American Cancer Society has Daffodil Days. This is one of their oldest and most treasured programs. It helps give life and hope to millions of Americans facing cancer. Since the daffodil represents hope and renewal, the American Cancer Society uses it as a symbol of the hope for a future where cancer no longer a threat.

The fund raiser is simple. Daffodils are sold by the bunches and are available at locations in almost every city in the United States. For a monetary contribution, the flowers are bought and those purchasing can be reminded of the special message behind each bloom.

Flower Bulb Fundraising

Bulbs are another option when it comes to flower and plants sales. They are great since they are not in bloom and can be used whenever you wish. Planting them is entirely up to the purchaser. Most commonly, bulb sales give the hosting charity a 50% profit from total sales and do not require upfront fees. One reputable bulb suppliers that specializes in fund raising is Van Bourgondien. The company is among the largest US bulb suppliers and offers a fund raising program that gives organizations half of every dollar sold. Why not consider them for your next plant or flower fund raiser?

Seasonal Plants and Flowers

A great way to support your community is to use local resources. Contact a local greenhouse or flower wholesaler to ask if the company would be willing to supply the flowers or plants for your next fund raiser at a discount. This way you would be supporting a local merchant while raising funds for your organization.

Volunteer Involvement

Any fund raiser requires help from volunteers to ensure its success. Flower and plant sales will need the following tasks assigned to volunteers or members of your organization:

  • Selecting a supplier
  • Order taking
  • Collecting money
  • Delivering flowers or plants

Final Thoughts

For a fresh and colorful twist on fund raising, flowers and plants make a great way to raise money for your organization. This type of fund raiser will make money while giving the purchasers a special way to think of an important cause. Every time a flower or plant blooms, those who purchased a flower or plant from your sale will reminded of your organization's cause and know that they helped support it in a fun way.

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Fund Raising Flowers and Plants