Fundraisers for Individuals


Fundraisers for individuals are an inspiring endeavor, usually undertaken with good hearted intentions. However, it can be more difficult to fundraise for a friend or family member than it is to garner support for an established organization. While the task is tricky, if you're willing to put forth the time and effort, there are a lot of funding options out there to consider.

Covering All Your Bases

Perhaps a close friend or relative has a serious illness and is unable to pay their medical bills due to a lack of insurance, or you want to support someone else in your life who knows someone who is struggling. Before you begin to start fundraisers and rally compassionate troops together, cover all your bases when it comes to options.

First and foremost, check in with the social worker assigned to the ill person's case. There may be financial resources that nobody within your camp was aware of. Many non-profit organizations sponsor individuals who cannot easily pay their medical bills. Non-profit healthcare is another option. Talk to a nurse or doctor about these special hospitals to see if there is one in your area where treatment would be more affordable or, in some cases, free of charge. Finally, if the sick person has to be relocated out of the area, look into a local Ronald McDonald house to defray travel and lodging expenses.

When Fundraising is Necessary

One of the simplest ways to raise money is to ask people in your community for donations. When the story of an ill person or someone who is down and out in any other way is presented tactfully and poignantly, many people will feel compelled to give. However, it is important you inform them that a donation toward an individual is not tax deductible. You are in no way a non-profit organization, and unless you are somehow affiliated with one that will directly benefit from your fundraising, the people who donate money must be made aware that this would be a gift from the heart, and not to be brought up again at tax time. You can, however, consider partnering with a non-profit to earn resources in honor of the struggling individual you are acquainted with.

Fundraisers for Individuals

When you have made your motivations clear and you have organized a team to fundraise on behalf of an individual, the following fundraisers can be very effective:

Write for Help

As mentioned previous, asking individuals for a simple donation can be a great way to earn some funding. Write a letter explaining the situation, and include photographs if possible. Make it as real and heartfelt as you are able, and distribute the letter to friends and family. You may also want to encourage others to bring a few letters to their place of business, as someone may be able to assist at a corporate level.

Special Dinner

A special dinner, such as a spaghetti dinner at a church or other organization the struggling individual is affiliated with, can be an effective fundraiser. Many people go out to dinner, and there is no reason why they cannot enjoy a night with fellow community members, eating a meal for a good cause. Be sure to plan this several weeks in advance so you have time to fully promote it and pull off a delicious meal people will be happy to enjoy.

Car Wash

It may sound cliché, but during warm weather it is one of the best fundraisers around. With little to no overhead cost, (you can borrow a bucket and soap from a neighbor), a car wash can be held at any business parking lot that allows such events. Ask for donations rather than charging a fee, and you will be amazed at how much you can earn in a single afternoon.

Fundraisers for individuals are by no means an easy task. But if you are driven by your heart and truly aim to make a difference in the life of someone less fortunate, then success will find you along the way.

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Fundraisers for Individuals