Holiday Fundraisers for Women

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There are many holiday fundraisers for women who are interested in raising money for a cause that they hold dear.

About Holiday Fundraisers

Raising money during the holidays is not only fun but can also be profitable. The holiday season is a great time to hold a fundraiser since people are already in the spirit of giving. If you are planning an event for your organization, consider holding it during the Christmas season.

Maybe you are interested in sharing in the spirit of the season and want to support a local organization or a cause that is dear to you. Why not gather a group of friends and attend a holiday fundraiser? You will not only have a great time but can feel good in the process since you will be supporting a worthy cause.

Types of Holiday Fundraisers for Women

There are endless holiday fundraisers for women to consider from a simple bake sale to an extravagant gala. Many women's groups that meet regularly look for unique ways to raise money, not only for themselves, but for charitable causes as well. Some fundraising ideas include:

Holiday Fashion Show

Get a jump start on the latest holiday fashions while you raise money for a worthy cause by hosting a fashion show. Who wouldn't want to find out what to wear to the next holiday party? Give guests the chance to see winter fashions while they support your organization. Sell tickets in advance and at the door and be sure to include other festivities at the event such as music, raffles, food and beverages. For a twist, ask prominent women in the community to model the fashions.

Christmas Cookie Bake Sale / Craft Sale

Gingerbread cookies

Nothing can be easier to organize than a bake or craft sale. Specialty treats and crafts are a great way to raise money. Ask women in your club or organization to donate their time and an item for the sale. During the holiday season, Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, knitted hats and mittens and centerpieces, wreaths and floral arrangements are all good items to feature at the sale. To raise even more money, ask a local bakery to donate a holiday-themed cake to be raffled off at the sale.

Be sure to decorate the area where you are holding the sale in a festive theme. This will make it more welcoming. Play Christmas music in the background and spread the holiday cheer to everyone who comes to support your sale.

Shopping Extravaganza

A shopping event takes a lot of planning and organization. Recruit as many volunteers as possible and be sure to start the planning well in advance. A holiday shopping event can generate a lot of income. You can charge a fee to vendors to rent a space and ask them to donate a portion of the proceeds to your organization. Have various types of vendors at the event so that there is something for everyone. Clothing, jewelry, spa services and florists are all popular choices.

Women, and men, will appreciate the one-stop shopping for their Christmas gifts and know that they are helping to support a worthy cause. Be sure to advertise the event in local newspapers as well as on flyers that can be posted around your community.

A concession stand can be set up to feed hungry shoppers and generate more income for your organization. Try to get as many items donated as possible so that you won't be spending any of your agency's money.

Holiday Gala

A special event such as a gala can raise a large amount of money for an organization. This type of event requires the most work and effort but the results can be well worth the time involved. The gala can include entertainment, dinner and a silent auction featuring Christmas themed gift baskets, holiday trips and specialty gifts.

In lieu of presents, why not ask each woman in your group to give a donation to a charity that you have chosen. This can become an annual tradition each year and you can either give to the same charity or choose a different one.

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Holiday Fundraisers for Women