Hope for the Holidays

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Many organizations use the slogan Hope for the Holidays during the holiday season. Charities often use it for fundraisers since it can bring awareness to the needs of the community. Consider examples of how organizations have success with this charitable giving opportunity.

Examples of Hope for the Holidays

Using this slogan, many charities and fundraising events have success. The theme works well because it describes the goal of the program, to give hope to those who are less fortunate during the holiday season. Numerous organizations use this slogan as part of their event, including the following organizations.

The CAP Agency

The CAP Agency is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing services to 38,000 families and children in the tri-county area of Scott, Carver and Dakota Counties in Minnesota. The organization sponsors an adopt-a-family style charity with this slogan during the holiday season. The program allows families who would otherwise be unable to provide gifts to their children with the ability to do so. To learn more about sponsoring, volunteering or participating in this program, visit the CAP Agency's website.

Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America is a nonprofit organization that has various chapters throughout its nationwide coverage. In the Kentucky region, a Hope program is available for various groups. This program allows those who are able to provide gifts and shelter for families and others to do so. An adopt-a-family program and an adopt-a-veteran program are available. Here, gift cards, toys, other gifts as well as food and clothing are given to those in need. Many of these people are homeless. Volunteers of America offers programs throughout the country that may also have a similar program in place.

Jewelers for Children

Jewelers for Children is a charity organization aimed at providing services to children. The organization offers the Jewelers for Children Hope Program. The program gives donors and sponsors a number of ways to participate including through holiday cards, contribution cards and contribution inserts. The goal of this program is to get donations for the Jewelers for Children organization. Individuals can request cards or inserts to place in holiday cards as a way of helping to encourage others to give to the charity. To learn more about the program, visit the Jewelers for Children website.

Holiday Giving

These examples of various charity events and well-being resources are just a few of the options available during the holiday season. Many groups, including the Salvation Army, United Way and the Make a Wish Foundation sponsor holiday events to help those who are less fortunate. This includes families, children, the homeless and veterans.

Give during the holidays. Do so in the donation of new and used gifts for families, children or adults. Give food and clothing during the colder winter months. Help sponsor organizations by donating to your favorite charities. Volunteer at local soup kitchens. There are many small things, and large things, you can do during the holiday season to help others in need.

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Hope for the Holidays