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Hospital foundation websites are essential when it comes to communicating and advertising. Since the majority of foundations are non-profit organizations, many use their website as the primary method of raising awareness both in their local communities and all over the nation.

Standard Sections of Hospital Foundation Websites

There are a few different sections that you will find to be pretty standard on any hospital foundation website. These are updated frequently to reflect the most relevant information about a group.


Since foundations operate mostly off of donations, there is usually a very noticeable giving section. This may include not only a section on the site, but also "donate now" buttons on every page. This equips people to give easily. The giving section may also include ways you can give a long-term gift, or donate various items to benefit the foundation.


An events page will list any upcoming awareness rallies, fundraisers or seminars. If you are interested in talking to people involved with the foundation, or experiencing firsthand a difference that is being made through their efforts, it is often fun to go to something in your region listed on the events page.


While it can be named something completely different, there is usually a section of a foundation website that shows what the group has accomplished in the past, as well as what they are presently working on and hope to achieve in the future. This can be inspiring and compel people to get involved either as a family who has been touched by the health issue the foundation focuses on, or just as a benefactor.

Examples of Top Websites

While almost every foundation has a website, some hospital foundation websites are more stunning and/or appealing than others. The ones who invest the time with a proper web presence can be interesting and educational to visit.

The Fistula Foundation

The Fistula Foundation website is also beautifully designed, and it aims to expose web surfers to a world issue that many may not be aware of. The Fistula Foundation works toward healing women around the world, namely in underdeveloped nations. By bringing dignity to healthcare and providing treatment and prevention of fistula (a hole in an internal organ caused by childbirth or sexual violence), this unique foundation is equipping hospitals around the world to help women when others won't. Their website is educational and effective in bringing to light an otherwise obscure issue.

O'Connor Hospital Foundation

Sometimes, a smaller, local hospital will also be making a large impact through its foundation. O'Connor Hospital, located in San Jose, CA is home to a foundation that specializes in providing healthcare and prevention to low-income families. The San Francisco Bay Area is only one such region in the nation where there are many children and adults lacking healthcare. O'Connor is picking up the slack in this area of the United States, using donations and fundraisers to provide the care every member of a community may need. Their website provides easy navigation to allow anyone to make a variety of gifts toward the foundation.

These are just a few examples of the various websites worthy of a visit. If you are passionate about healthcare or a particular medical cause, consider searching for a hospital foundation in your region and making a difference.

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