How to Do a Fundraiser

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If you are the person in charge of raising money for your organization, you might be wondering how to do a fundraiser. There are many components to consider when planning a fundraiser. Keep in mind that the best fundraisers are team efforts. All of the responsibility should not fall on just one person.

About Fundraisers

Fundraisers are one of the best ways to bring in a large amount of money for your organization in very little time. They can range from a one time bake sale to an annual golf tournament. Whatever fundraiser you choose, one thing is for sure, it takes organization and commitment from all involved in order to make it a success. Churches, schools and nonprofit organizations can all benefit from fundraisers. In addition to raising much needed money, they can bring recognition and publicity as well.

How to Do a Fundraiser Successfully

Finding out how to do a fundraiser successfully is essential in order to raise money for your organization. Fundraisers can range from simple to elaborate but all have similar components that need to be addressed. When planning your fundraiser you will need to consider the following:

  • What type of fundraiser you want to have
  • Budget
  • When it will be held
  • Location
  • Who will be in charge
  • Who will be invited
  • How to advertise
  • Monetary goal

Once you have the preliminary details in place, your next step is organizing the fundraiser. It is always best to have one person in charge of the event and be appointed as the go-to contact. A committee should be formed to assist with the fundraiser. Groups can be assigned to do various tasks such as decorating, marketing and securing donations. A team effort is needed for any successful fundraiser. Since there are many components that need to be organized, assigning committees will make sure that nothing is being left undone. Communication during the planning stage is important.

If the fundraiser is an annual event, once the initial details are in place, it can run smoothly from year to year. The basic format is set and each year it can follow a similar format. Once the event is known, the community will be aware of it and expect it from year to year. Popular annual fundraisers include:

  • Gala
  • Silent auction
  • Fashion show
  • Walkathon

One time fundraisers can be held anytime of the year. They can be simple to plan and execute. The most simple fundraiser is to sell something. One time fundraiser sales can include:

  • Candy bar sale
  • Coupon book sale
  • Selling a cookbook

Other quick and easy fundraisers are car washes, raffles and bake sales.

Writing Fundraising Letters

Letter writing is an important part of fundraising. Whether it is a letter asking for a donation of an item for your event or a letter asking for general support, this method may be the first time someone is hearing about your fundraiser. Since writing a fundraising letter is essential to raising money, it should be written in a clear and concise manner. It should persuade the reader to donate to your cause.

Why Have a Fundraiser

There are many reasons that an organization would want to hold a fundraiser. The most obvious reason is to raise money. Money may be needed for general support or it may be needed for:

  • Purchasing new uniforms for a school sport
  • Funding a trip for a youth group

Fundraisers can be held throughout the year to fund various projects. Tailor them to the time of year for best results.

Learning the basics of how to do a fundraiser will help you raise money and recognition for your organization. Fundraisers take a team effort and require proper planning and organization from all involved.

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How to Do a Fundraiser