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How to Raise Money on the Internet

Raise Money on the Internet

Are you wondering how to raise money on the Internet? There are several ways that nonprofit organizations can utilize the worldwide web to accomplish their fundraising efforts. Find out how you can take your efforts to raise money online!

Online Silent Auction

Silent auction events are a great way for nonprofit organizations to raise money. Even though these types of events can be fun, you may want to consider holding a virtual auction the next time you solicit donations to sell to the highest bidder as a way to make money for your organization. There are several companies that provide services and software for online fundraising auctions, including and

Online Fundraising Page makes it possible for nonprofit organizations that are listed on GuideStar to launch a secure online fundraising drive without the need for a sophisticated ecommerce website. Simply create a free fundraising page on and let potential supporters know about it via email as well as via the organization's social networking pages. They can make a donation by debit or credit card in a secure online environment. All money collected, less the 7.5 percent transaction fee, is sent to the sponsoring organization.

Online Magazine Subscriptions

Selling magazine subscriptions has long been a popular fundraiser for nonprofit organizations. With, you can take your subscription marketing efforts online. Simply register for a free account, email magazine subscription information to supporters, and earn up to 40% of each sale.

Online Shopping Fundraiser

Nonprofit organizations can raise money online with a free online shopping program. Your organization will earn money every time your supporters visit the fundraising to click through to order from participating online retailers. Shoppers will pay the same price as any other shopper, and your organization will earn a commission from each sale. Simply open an account and use the tools provided to share information with potential supporters using the free program marketing tools provided.

Sell Crafts With an Etsy Store

Are some of your volunteers and skilled craftspeople? If they are willing to donate handmade items that can be sold to raise money for your organization, consider opening a charitable shop on You'll get a custom URL for the shop that can be used to direct supporters to your store. There's no cost to open your account. There's a small listing fee for each item offered for sale, as well as a small sales percentage fee as items are sold.

Ready for a Virtual Fundraiser?

Are you ready to start raising money online? Now that you have a few ideas for how to raise money on the Internet, you can select a program and venture into the world of virtual fundraising! For more tips and suggestions regarding ways to raise money for charitable organizations, see:

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How to Raise Money on the Internet