Ideas for a Church Holiday Bingo Fundraiser

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What better time is there to raise money for your church than during the holiday season? There are many creative ideas for a church holiday bingo fundraiser that make the event fun and exciting as well as profitable.

Ideas for a Church Bingo Christmas Fundraiser

A fun way to bring a large group together to raise money is holding a bingo fundraiser. All you need to do is have a large room with plenty of space and tables. Most church basements make the perfect location for a bingo event. In addition, you will need a bingo caller with tons of personality and bingo supplies.

Publicizing the bingo fundraiser in the church bulletin and as an announcement after mass are great ways to get the word out. Consider posting flyers around the community and even running an ad in the local newspaper as well. Most media outlets offer discounted rates for churches and nonprofit organization so be sure to check into finding a great price.

Instead of holding a traditional bingo, why not tailor it to reflect the holiday season. Some creative ideas for a church holiday bingo fundraiser include:

Additional Considerations

Holiday bingo fundraisers can include more than just the game. There are other ways to raise money at the fundraiser as well.

  • Set up a bake sale or ask for a donation for the food and beverages being served. Before the event, be sure to get as many items donated as possible. The less money that your church has to spend, the more money they will raise.
  • Another way to raise money is to charge a set fee to play bingo. Have someone collect money for those participating as they enter the room, in return they will be given a bingo card.
  • Instead of awarding cash prizes, give away donated items that have been secured from local businesses. Gift certificates, holiday themed items and tickets to local events make great prizes. Be sure to send out letters to local businesses in advance to ask them for prizes for the event. Have a committee of volunteers assigned to collect items and organize them as prizes.
  • Include a silent auction during the event. Use some of the more valuable items received as donations in the silent auction rather than giving them away as prizes.
  • Raffle off a holiday item during the event, ideally one that was donated. Ask volunteers or church members to sell raffle tickets in advance.
  • Sell the centerpieces on each table. Be sure that they were donated so that you get the most profit possible.

More Holiday Fundraising Ideas for Churches

People tend to open their hearts and their wallets during the season more than any other time of the year. Church fundraisers are a great way to bring the congregation and community together to celebrate the holiday season and raise money in the process. Hosting a holiday bingo is a great idea, but it's not the only option. Some ideas for a church fundraiser during the holidays are:

  • Selling a product such as Christmas cards, wreaths or candy
  • Holding an event such as a bingo or dinner
  • Scheduling a holiday bake sale
  • Caroling

Have Fun and Raise Money

When it comes to fundraising, choose something that is not only profitable but will also be fun for all involved. Whether you opt to host a holiday bingo at your church or another kind of event, everyone is sure to have a great time while raising money for a good cause. There are endless ideas to consider so finding a unique idea for the holiday season should be easy.

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Ideas for a Church Holiday Bingo Fundraiser