Laugh for a Change Charity Interview

Adam Christing
Comedian/Magician Adam Christing

Laugh for a Change is making a difference worldwide. This organization consists of a group of comedians and entertainers who have come together and are using their talents to help children around the world through a series of concerts that are designed to make you laugh. One such talent participating in these concerts is comedian and magician Adam Christing who will tell us more about his cause and how it is making a difference in this exclusive interview.

Laugh for a Change Background

World Vision is the organization that sponsors needy children around the world to make a lasting impact in their lives. Laugh for a Change concerts will be held across the United States and will not only provide laughs but will raise funds in order to get children involved with World Vision. In return, children will get food, clean water and other necessities. This is made possible through the generosity of others who are willing to donate not only their time but their talent.

Interview with Adam Christing

LoveToKnow (LTK): What is the history behind Laugh for a Change?

Adam Christing (AC): I have been doing clean comedy full-time for about 20 years. I started to notice the link between laughter and generosity. When people feel gratitude (instead of guilt), they want to help other people. So we started "Laugh for a Change!" as a way of helping people in America laugh their way through these tough times, while helping starving kids find hope, clean water, food, and education with World Vision.

LTK: How are the concerts funded?

AC: The host group pays the comedians a very small fee (about 10% of what these entertainers make in the corporate arena). Sometimes the whole concert is donated. The aim is to provide "humor with a higher purpose." We want to see very needy children sponsored at these events. It's more than writing a one time check, it's developing an ongoing relationship with children affected by poverty, AIDS, and natural disasters. When you sponsor a child you give them clean water, healthy food, and real hope.

LTK: Do the entertainers receive payment?

AC: Yes. Just enough to cover their expenses. For example, a comedian who might make $10,000 doing a business convention might make $500 and he will have to cover his own travel, lodging, meals, etc.

LTK: Who are some of your biggest supporters?

AC: Local churches are especially excited about us! They have members and community neighbors who want to laugh and enjoy some good clean fun...while also making a major difference in the world. All of these shows are family friendly. Fun is not a 4-letter word.

Getting Involved

LTK: How can others get involved?

AC: Go to our website. Call or email us. Schedule a night of hilarious comedy-for-a-cause right where you are!

More About The Cause

LTK: What is the ultimate goal of the program?

AC: We want to see 10,000 kids affected by poverty sponsored by World Vision.

LTK: What has been the biggest challenge for your cause?

AC: Our biggest challenge was creating a "demo" video that shows what it's all about--both the comedy and the important charity. It's now done and can be see on our site.

Final Thoughts

LTK: Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?AC: Remember that laughter is good medicine. You can experience humor and give hope to others! To find a show near you or to get more information, visit the website.

Note of Thanks

LoveToKnow would like to thank Adam Christing and wishes both him and Laugh For A Change much success in their efforts.

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Laugh for a Change Charity Interview