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Michael J Fox Foundation Events

Michael J Fox Foundation Events

There are many different Michael J Fox Foundation events being held worldwide. Team Fox is a group of people who organize events and donate the proceeds to the Foundation. Events include running marathons, holding sales and even hosting golf tournaments. Members show that the possibilities are endless when it comes to fundraising. Team Fox is an important part of the success of the Foundation.

Active Participants

This photo was taken at the ING New York City Marathon by photographer Bill Davila. Michael, his wife Tracy, and daughter Esme are active participants in many events.

Fun Events

Team Fox supporters hold a pancake fundraiser and donate the proceeds to Parkinson's research. There are many creative fundraising events being held across the United States that are fun and raise money for the cause.

Public Awareness is Key

Team Fox members have been featured on the The Today Show to raise awareness for the cause. The more people who are aware of a disease and the efforts being put forth into finding the cure, the better. The efforts of Team Fox have made a difference and continue to do so.

Team Efforts

Here we see Team Fox members Cait and Dayna running a marathon in support of Parkinson's. There are endless possibilities when it comes to raising money and this is one example of the generous support that the Michael J. Fox Foundation receives from its members.

Creative Fundraising Ideas

Team Fox member Jennifer Porter has organized a unique fundraising idea. Popcorn for Parkinson's is a creative endeavor that is both fun and profitable. Creative ideas such as this one bring attention to the cause while making it fun for all involved in the fundraiser.

Extreme Locations

Team Fox members can be at any location. Here in the mountains they are seen showing their support of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. To learn more about this innovative charity, check out LoveToKnow's interview with the Foundation's CEO Katie Hood.

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Michael J Fox Foundation Events