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Find out what you need to know to be more aware of the unnecessary and preventable exposures that are linked to cancer in our environment in this exclusive LoveToKnow Charity interview with Bill Couzens, founder of Next Generation Choices Foundation Less Cancer Campaign. The Foundation was founded in January 2004, and recently has worked to raise awareness on the connection between the environment and cancer through the Less Cancer Campaign.

Interview With Bill Couzens

How was the Next Generation Choices Foundation started?

Next Generation Choices is a public charity founded by myself five years ago and it was first funded by the Heinz Endowments. We have had several programs from anything from removing pesticides from play spaces to instituting best practices for communities on the reduction of potentially dangerous exposures. Today for the most part the foundation is a volunteer grassroots movement.

Who benefits directly from the existing programs of the Next Generation Choices Foundation Less Cancer Campaign?

Communities benefit in the sense that we are a campaign. What the Next Generation Choices Less Cancer Campaign does is deliver messages for the idea of Less Cancer- we raise awareness to reduce those exposures linked with cancer especially those that are unnecessary and preventable. We reach out to people in several different ways-beyond media. For instance, in the hospital there is potential to teach the whole family with simple tips from anything to encouraging good nutrition, exercise and even the choices we make with toys. Less Cancer has in the past provided some children in the hospital with a non-toxic teddy bears.

What changes have you seen as a result of the Less Cancer Campaign?

The changes over the last five years have been huge, not just because of us, but also the many collaborative relationships that have resulted in work towards change. Not only are more people aware of the hazards in our environment but they are making greener and healthier lifestyle changes.

What programs currently exist to keep our schools and kids safe from environmental toxins?

There are many programs that work to keep children safe in schools. Our focus today is to raise awareness on Less Cancer. While the cure for cancer is wonderful, we need to work towards a place where cancer is not an expected stage of life. Today we have more cancer than ever before not related to smoking. We have more children with cancer than ever before. Every school day in this country, two classrooms full, or approximately 46 (or more), children are diagnosed with cancer.

What is the ultimate goal you would like to see as a result of the Less Cancer Campaign?

The goal of the Next Generation Choices Foundation Less Cancer Campaign is to unify people on the message that we all want to see less cancer and what we can do to get this to happen. People need to be both educated and aware of the unnecessary toxins in our environment and take steps to prevent them from getting in our homes and in our children.

For More Information

Visit the Less Cancer website at for more information. You can also join the cause on Facebook.

LoveToKnow Charity would like to thank Bill Couzens for sharing his ideas and giving us knowledge of the Next Generation Foundation Less Cancer Campaign. We wish him and the Next Generation Choices Foundation continued success.

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