Online Fundraiser Promotion

Online Fundraiser Promotion

Are you looking for online fundraiser promotion ideas? If you are trying to raise money for your nonprofit organization via the Internet, it's certainly important to promote your fundraising efforts effectively. After all, people have to know about what you are doing to try and raise money if you expect them to be able to participate!

Online Fundraiser Promotion Ideas

There are several ways to approach marketing an online fundraiser promotion. In reviewing the available options, consider what type of fundraising event you are sponsoring, the marketing skills of your employees and volunteers, and the characteristics of the supporters that you are counting on to participate in the event or program.

Website Promotion

Be sure to feature information about any online fundraisers that you are planning on your organization's website. Announce the event on the main page in a prominent position, or create a page just for the event. Include a link to the online fundraising program so that interested website visitors can click through to purchase magazines, bid on merchandise, or otherwise participate in your efforts to raise money online.

If your organization doesn't already have a website, you should consider getting one. Consumers are becoming very reliant on the Internet as a source of information, making websites one of the most valuable, yet inexpensive, marketing tools for nonprofit organizations. Additionally, a good website can also lend credibility to your organization. After all, people often search the Internet when trying to determine if charitable organizations are legitimate and worth supporting. You don't want to lose out on a potential donation because your organization can't be found online.

Social Networking

Participating in social networking activities can be very beneficial for nonprofit organizations. In addition to having a website, it may be beneficial for your organization to set up a Facebook page and Twitter account. Work on building followers for both social media outlets and utilize them to send out regular updates about your online and traditional fundraising projects. Post links to your online fundraising programs and encourage followers to share them with their own social networking contacts as a way of encouraging viral marketing.

Newsletter Announcements

Utilize your organization's internal and external newsletters to promote your online fundraising efforts. Whether you publish an electronic newsletter or a direct mail publication set aside a section of the document to share information about current and future fundraising promotions. This is a great way to ensure that current and previous supporters, prospective donors, volunteers, and employees are aware of opportunities to participate in fundraising activities.

Press Release Distribution

How to Raise Money on the Internet

Traditional and online media outlets are often very happy to help nonprofit entities promote their fundraising projects. Write a press release announcing your organization's latest efforts to raise money online and send the information to your current media list. Be sure to include print, broadcast, and new media websites on the distribution list. This strategy can help you introduce your charity to members of your target audience who might not be familiar with the group's work.

Word of Mouth Promotion

Tell your employees, volunteers, and supporters about every online fundraising program that you sponsor. Ask for them to commit to helping spread the word to their friends, family members, and colleagues as a way of garnering support for your efforts to raise money. Make sure they understand how the fundraiser works, what the proceeds will be used for, and where to send prospective supporters who are interested in participating.

Marketing is the Key to Online Fundraising Success

Online fundraisers can be very effective if they are promoted properly. When you schedule an online fundraiser - no matter what kind of program you choose to offer - it's important to come up with and implement an appropriate marketing plan. Don't limit yourself to a single online fundraiser promotion technique. Instead, choose strategies that will allow you to spread the word to people who may be interested in supporting your organization by making a purchase or by donating to your cause.

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Online Fundraiser Promotion