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Relay for Life Slogan

Cheryl Cirelli
Join in the fight against cancer!

Relay for Life has something to offer everyone involved. Whether it is participating by walking, volunteering or donating, the main focus is to get the word out about the event and its purpose. The slogan most associated with the event is "Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back." Some individual events may use this slogan while others may come up with one of their own.

Ten Creative Relay for Life Slogans

Those involved with individual Relay for Life events may choose to create a slogan that is personal to them. No matter what the slogan may be, it most likely will convey a message of both awareness and hope. Since Relay for Life's purpose is to recognize those who have lost the fight against cancer, as well as to give hope to finding a cure, slogans can be a way to tie the event's meaning and purpose into a unified theme.

Slogans can be powerful or cute, they can be whatever your team feels will best represent its efforts. Slogans that are short and catchy work best since they are easy to remember. Some Relay events use a single slogan to unify the event while others allow teams to use their own personal slogans.

Some slogan ideas to consider for your next Relay for Life event include the following:

  1. Reach for the stars!
  2. Run for your life!
  3. Kick cancer to the curb!
  4. Join the fight, one step at a time!
  5. With each step, we are closer to a cure!
  6. Hope is the cure!
  7. We dare to care!
  8. Just do it!
  9. Whatever it takes!
  10. Cancer is not a game!

Different event sites may have different versions of the slogan. Some slogans are kept year to year while others are created and used specifically for that year's event.

Coming Up with a Slogan

You can easily use a slogan that has been featured at a past event, or come up with your own creative slogan. When thinking of a slogan, there are several things to consider:

  • Do you want your slogan to be serious or lighthearted?
  • Should the slogan be a memorial to someone who has past or be a way to focus on a message of hope?
  • Do you want the slogan to tie into a theme?

Other ways to select a slogan include holding a contest and allow members to vote on their favorite slogans, or hosting a brainstorming meeting and making the decision as a group.

Using the Slogan

In the case of Relay For Life, the slogan not only defines the event but also represents the hope that there will be a cure for cancer and to keep hope alive. The event represents hope that those who lost the fight against cancer will never be forgotten, and those fighting the disease will be supported.

Not only do Relay participants celebrate life but they remember those lost and continue to hope for a cure. When selecting a slogan, think about why the event is important to you and how your efforts will make a difference. The slogan will be used to convey your message and your beliefs.

Once you come up with a catchy slogan, you can use it on various promotional items such as t-shirts, tote bags, posters and on marketing materials that are designed to promote the event.

Relay for Life Slogan