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Samples of Non Profit Fundraising Letters

Mary Gormandy White
Person writing donation request letter

Reviewing sample documents can serve as a useful resource when creating your own fundraising solicitation letters. Use the letters presented here to provide guidance the next time you need to send a letter on behalf of the nonprofit organization you represent.

Eight Sample Fundraising Letters

There are as many types of fundraising letters as there are fundraising projects and activities. Be sure that any letters you send are customized for your specific goals and written in a manner that is likely to be persuasive to the target audience.

To access any of the eight sample letters presented here, simply click the corresponding image. The sample letter will open in a new window or browser tab for your viewing convenience. Each letter can be saved, edited and printed. If you need help downloading the letters, check out these helpful tips.

1. Annual Fund Letter

This letter is an example of an annual fund solicitation request.

2. General Donation

This general donation letter can be customized for use any time you need to reach out to potential donors to request financial assistance.

3. Program-Specific Donation

If you are raising money to fund a specific program, this letter can be a helpful resource.

4. Fundraising Campaign Request

If you are soliciting donations in support of a specific campaign, this letter can provide you with a good starting point from which to work.

5. Auction Item Request

The following letter can be used to request item donations for a charity auction fundraiser event.

6. Special Event Attendance

This sample letter is designed to help promote ticket sales for special event fundraiser events.

7. Sponsorship Request

If you are hosting a race, run, walk or other event that requires participants to solicit sponsors, use this sample letter to create a fundraising document for them to use.

8. Sponsorship Appreciation

Be sure to thank sponsors for their generosity. If they know how much their efforts are appreciated, they'll be much more likely to continue to donate to your organization!

Creating Your Fundraising Letters

Whether you're writing to request support of your organization's capital campaign or you're seeking sponsors for an upcoming special event - or raising money for some other purpose - an effective fundraising letter can be the difference between success and failure. Instead of starting from a blank page with no guidance, refer to samples of letters that can guide you in the right direction. Before you know it, you will be on your way to creating an effective letter in no time at all. Be sure to have your letter proofed before sending it so you can be certain that it's well-written and free from errors.

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Samples of Non Profit Fundraising Letters