School Fundraising Companies

Mary Gormandy White
Contributor: Valorie Delp
Fun Ways to Raise Money

Regardless of the project, using a fundraising company for your next school fundraiser can make the process seamless and easy. There are many different companies, each one providing different types of products and programs designed to help educational institutions raise money.

Popular School Fundraising Companies

These popular companies make fundraising easy by offering appealing products, a tried and true system, and a good return on each item sold.

  • Entertainment Book fundraisers offer a way that can raise money while providing supporters with an opportunity to save money throughout the year. Rather than selling products, participants will market coupon books that include discount offers for travel, dining, service, and entertainment options.
  • Funding Factory provides schools with a way to raise money without selling anything at all. Students, teachers, and parents will simply need to collect empty printer cartridges and used cell phones. When collected products are sent in, the school will receive money in exchange for the qualified items submitted.
  • Efundraising provides schools with a way to raise money by selling magazine subscriptions and other items in an online store. Participants set up an online store, use email and social media to spread the word about their efforts, and they keep 40 percent of the profits of all items sold.
  • ABC Fundraising is a stable in the school fundraising scene. They offer a variety of products, but their most profitable fundraising option is the Scratch 'n Help cards. Each participant gets a scratch booklet. Each booklet contains scratch cards and coupons. Someone scratches off an amount on the scratch card, donates that amount, and then gets coupons in exchange for their donation.
  • SilverGraphics is a company that specializes in art-based fundraising. Each school has their students create artwork for the fundraiser. The company then turns and creates a 'store' featuring student art work parents and grandparents can buy from. You can work with a paper catalog or with an online store. The company says schools can earn up to a 40 percent profit, and families get awesome, professionally made keepsakes perfect for gift giving.
  • Charleston Wrap is the perfect fall fundraiser. Known for selling quality gift wrap and home items, their fundraisers allow schools to offer participants to sell unique items rather than the traditional cookie dough or candy bars. In addition, they are known for having great incentive programs for students who are selling.
  • Ozark Lollipops is a traditional school fundraiser that is great if your school has a school store or you have an event to sell them at. You buy the lollipops up front and mark them up however you see fit for a nice profit margin. A lot of schools like this over other fundraisers because you don't have to deliver the product.
  • Flower Power Fundraising is great for those schools that want to do something different. Focusing mostly on bulbs with both spring and fall seasons available, this online and brochure fundraiser offers something different to your school. By selling bulbs, you can earn up to a 50 percent profit.

Tips on Selecting a Fundraising Partner

If you're in charge of selecting among the various school fundraising companies for your school's next fundraiser, there are several important factors you should consider.

  • Competition - Before you choose a product to sell, what are other community groups in the area selling? Is the boy scout troop that all of your 2nd graders go to selling wreaths? Is the town women's club doing a tulip fundraiser? Steer clear of offering things that everyone else is offering.
  • Timing is everything - Plan your fundraiser so it deliberately does not conflict with other community group's fundraising efforts. Choose companies that offer things at the time you're running your campaign.
  • Terms of Service - Obviously, terms of service are crucial. Consider whether it is necessary to invest in products up front or if you are able to order items as you collect payments from your customers.
  • Profit margin - It's also important to look at what profit margin you can expect to earn and what the minimum order requirements are. It's generally best to choose an option that does not require an initial out of pocket investment and that does not have large minimum purchase requirements.
  • Incentives - Part of the fun of a school fundraiser is the incentives a company offers. You'll want to look up front to know what you can offer your kids.

Enjoy Fundraising Success

No matter what type of program you choose or what company you choose to work with, running a successful school fundraiser takes time, effort, and commitment from dedicated volunteers. Before launching your campaign, take the time to educate volunteers about the importance of your fundraising efforts to increase their commitment to the program's success. Provide them with training about the program itself as well as teaching them effective selling skills. By making sure your volunteers are properly prepared to do a great job, you'll greatly increase the chances of reaching - or even exceeding - your fundraising goal!

School Fundraising Companies