Donate Household Items to Charity


You Can Donate Household Items to Charity

Beds make great donations. Old mattresses that are in good condition also make good donations.


Did your kids outgrow their bikes? Is your bike just gathering dust in the garage? A bike donation can give an underprivileged kid a chance to ride.


Books make great donations. Church sales and school fundraisers can re-sell gently used books for funds.


Many charities accept cars as a donation whether it runs or not. Cars can be used for parts, donated to schools for repair projects and much more.


Donate clothes in good condition from the clothes your child has outgrown to business wear that you don't need. Your clothes can make all the difference for people who can't afford them.


Household furniture like dressers make great donations.


Old refrigerators can provide parts for repair, lessons for students and more.


With high end televisions coming down in price, your old television can provide great entertainment for community centers and more.


Consider donating your child's good conditioned toys to hospitals, foster homes and more.

Washer and Dryer

Like your fridge, your television and other household appliances, your washer and dryer can make a real difference in someone else's life. Donate household items to charity before you just throw them out.

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Donate Household Items to Charity