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Raise Money for Relay for Life

Are you looking for fundraising ideas for Relay for Life? If you want to raise a significant sum of money for cancer research, you'll want to come up with a comprehensive list of ideas that your team can implement leading up to the big day. Whether you are participating as a member of a corporate team or you're walking with friends or family, the more money you raise the more fun you'll have and the more the American Cancer Society will benefit from your efforts.

Bake Sale Fundraiser

Do some of your team members have baking talent? Consider holding a bake sale to raise money for your team. One option is to take orders for baked goods and deliver them to customers at a predetermined time. Alternately, you may want to set up a bake sale booth at your company's cafeteria or at a high traffic location, such as a retail establishment, community center, or sporting event venue.

Collect Spare Change

Consider asking your coworkers, customers, and friends to donate their spare change to the cause. Set up a specific drop off location and request periodic "deposits" from those who want to support your fundraising efforts.

Hold a Car Wash

Hosting a carwash is one of the most popular fundraising ideas for Relay for Life. Everyone on your team can participate, resulting in a day of fun and team building as well as an opportunity to raise money.

Sell Take Out Meals

Everyone has to eat, so meal sales can be a great way to raise money for your Relay for Life team. Consider hosting a fish fry, sub sandwich pick up, or barbecue plate dinner sale. Set a time and take orders for carry out or dine in meals. You may even want to offer delivery service, for an additional donation.

Hold a Raffle

Most people love having an opportunity to win a great prize. Consider selling raffle tickets, either for cash or for donated prizes. If you hold a raffle for money, consider a "split the pot" format, where the winner gets half of the money raised by selling tickets and the other half goes to the team.

Evening of Gaming

Consider hosting a bingo night, pool tournament, or casino evening fundraiser. Many people enjoy games of chance, so these types of fundraising ideas can be very profitable. Be sure that what you are doing is in compliance with any applicable gaming regulations in your community.

Performance Event

Does your team have a relationship with a popular band or community theater group? Consider holding a special performance designed to raise money for your Relay for Life team. You can raise money via ticket sales, snacks, souvenirs, corporate sponsorships, and more.

More Fundraising Ideas

There are just a few fundraising ideas for Relay for Life. There are many other ways that you and the other members of your team can raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Additional Ideas

For more fundraising suggestions, check out the following slideshows:

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Relay for Life Fundraising Idea Gallery