Pictures of Funny Fundraiser Ideas

Awareness Ribbon

Fun and funny fundraiser ideas can leave their mark not only in the money raised, but also in the memories created. Many organizations find awareness ribbons to be a great way to raise money and awareness for their causes.

Bobbing for Apples

Carnivals make for fun fundraising opportunities for many different organizations. The cost of bobbing for an apple can be covered by local produce markets furnishing the apples.

Cake Walk

Gather up some neighbors and bake some cakes, then set up a cake walk. The food is free and participants donate money to try out the wonderful baked goods.

Car Wash

A car wash is not necessarily the best of funny fundraiser ideas, but whether the partipants are in costume, bathing suits or engaging in water fights, they can definitely be fun.

Donate Hair

Imagine setting up shop and offering 'cool cuts' or 'really short cuts' and getting people to donate their hair? It's a viable donation that can raise a lot of money.

Duck Race

You need a water source and a lot of rubber ducks, but the competition to race rubber ducks across the water can elicit a lot of laughs.

Eating Contest

Eating contests are serious business, but kids that are face first into watermelons and pies are just enjoying themselves.

Face Painting

Face painting is a universal joy for adults and children. Invest in some face paints yourself or ask an artist to donate her time.

Haunted House

The great thing about a haunted house is that it's all about the atmosphere and it's usually dark, so with the right setting and some creative use of props, you've got a fun and scary fundraiser at the same time.

Door to Door Sales

While door to door sales sound boring, it's all about what you're selling from wrapping paper to cookies. If you can get together with your group, you could even offer a song and a dance if you can make a sale! But remember, kids should never sell door to door alone.

Kissing Booth

Back to our carnival ideas, kissing booths are good clean fun and can raise some fun money during a carnival fundraiser.

Model Trains

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, one couple turns their entire backyard into a model train dream. Visitors who donate canned goods are allowed to visit their wonderland. The canned goods are then donated to local homeless shelters.

Pancake Breakfast

Pancakes are cheap and easy to make. Charge a few dollars and host one for a community event to build goodwill, friendships and community ties.

Think Pink

The fight against breast cancer is found in a world blazed in pink from cars to golf balls to food products. It definitely falls into the funny fundraiser ideas.


Just about everyone can walk and walking can be an effective and funny fundraiser idea for any cause.

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Pictures of Funny Fundraiser Ideas