Novel Fundraising

Cooking Contest

If you're looking to improve your fundraising efforts and cultivate new donors, it's a good idea to consider implementing one or more novel fundraising ideas.
Consider hosting a cooking contest when you're looking for a novel fundraising idea? Charge a fee to enter the contest and sell sponsorships. You'll have an opportunity to raise money, gain new supporters, and establish a unique signature event for your organization.

Hold a Rock-a-Thon

Hold your own version of a novel fundraising sit-in by hosting a "rockathon". Participants recruit sponsors to make donations for each hour that they continue rocking throughout the event. This type of event can be a great way to get involvement from youth groups, sororities, and senior organizations.

Host a Rubber Duck Race

Sell "chances" on a rubber duck race. Participants are assigned a particular duck. All the ducks are launched into the water at the same time. The person who has the first duck to cross the finish line wins a prize.

Start a Coffee Fundraiser

With so many organizations selling doughnuts to raise money, why not do something a little different? Coffee is the perfect companion for doughnuts, so consider this novel fundraising idea in addition to or instead of a doughnut sale. See for information about the company's coffee fundraising program.

Host an Online Auction

An online auction might be a great alternative for organizations that want to do something different than hosting a silent auction or rummage sale. With, you can sell donated merchandise online to donors within the local area and beyond.

Photography Contest

Consider holding a themed photography contest. Charge a fee for submissions and offer a series of prizes for winning entries. You'll likely be able to count on local businesses, particularly those that offer products that appeal to photo enthusiasts, for sponsorship support.

Taste Test Fundraiser

Consider hosting a taste test fundraiser. Have members bring food to sample or ask local restaurants to donate items from their menu selections. Charge an entry fee and hold a party. You'll raise money and your supporters will have a great time!

Look Outside the Local Area

Research what nonprofit organizations outside of your local area are doing to increase donations. You just may find that groups in different parts of the world have been enjoying success with events or campaigns that might represent novel fundraising opportunities for your community.

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Novel Fundraising